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Self Care.

Why do some women refuse to engage in any sort of self care?

More to the point, why do a significant subset of those women aggressively shove that refusal in your face, as though taking care of yourself is the eighth deadly sin?  They state in a flat, condescending tone, “I don’t have time to [exercise] [knit] [have coffee and laugh my ass off with friends] [binge watch Dr. Who].”

This really pisses me off.  Also, I call bullshit.  You don’t lack time for these things.  You choose not to spend the time you have on them, because you are allocating your resources in other ways.  I watch Dr. Who; you stay up doing work email.  I knit; you helicopter over your kid, micromanaging their homework. I have a latte with my pal; you alphabetize your underwear drawer. I exercise; you… I don’t know what you do, because I exercise at the crack of dawn.  Make pancakes?  Drill your kid in astrophysics concepts?  I don’t know.

You know that saying, wherever you go, there you are? Yeah.  Well, refusing to take care of number one means that wherever you go, you are going to be dogged, 24/7,  by a cranky, humorless, out-of-shape Tiger Mom with no interests other than trying to be perfect.  Have fun with that.

Martyrdom is NOT the new leopard print, people.

I’m sorry for ranting, but I’m so very tired of this affected load of crap.  How about if everyone just calms down and does one thing every day just for themselves?  Whatever flips your lid.  Take a bath, paint your nails, read for an hour, drink a glass of wine, write in a journal, do needlepoint.  Dishes not done?  So what.  They’ll keep.  You will feel so much better if you take time for yourself first, before giving it all away to everyone else.  Really.

I feel better now.  Go do some yoga.  You will, too.








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Like a Lemming to the Sea…

You Are Olive Green

You are the most real of all the green shades. You’re always true to yourself.For you, authenticity and honesty are very important… both in others and yourself.You are grounded and secure. It takes a lot to shake you.

People see you as dependable, probably the most dependable person they know.

AND, because it’s time for , I have to do that, too.  This time I’ll actually follow the “rules,” and share Ten Things I’m Looking Forward to in the Spring:
1.  Tulips!!
2.  But first, crocuses!  Someone down the block has laced their front lawn with crocus bulbs, and each year a carpet of crocuses pops up right around Easter time.  It’s so cheery – you can’t help but stop and smile.
3.  Putting away the down coats, flannel sheets, boots, and wool sweaters for a few months.
4.  Sitting on the front stoop with a drink after work.
5.  Seeing all the neighbors emerge from their houses, blinking like they’ve been under rocks all winter.  (Haven’t we all?)
6.  Trading the snow shovels for spades and trowels.
7.  Watching my hostas, irises, and peonies emerge from the ground.
8.  Grilling burgers for dinner.
9.  Going for a walk after having a burger for dinner, while it’s still light.
10.  Running outdoors without worrying about slipping on ice or freezing my lungs.
Well, that was incredibly easy!!  We’re expecting a bit of a thaw here this week – although thawing 4 foot piles of snow may take some time.  Funny how they happen overnight, and then hang around for weeks.  Like some people….
spring, maybe
Coming soon!!!


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Everyone’s Doing It.

cartoon from

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

Yeah.  It’s that kind of a day.  I may be cooking later, though.


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Musical Meme Update

Wow, Blogistan is digging this music post – I note that all commenters so far are non-knitters!

 I have to editorialize a bit, it being my blog and all. 

Minda – I WENT TO THAT BEE GEES CONCERT!  On purpose!  I also owned an Andy Gibb album.  AND I’ve always sorta liked Neil Diamond.  Remember that movie, The Jazz Singer, with Lucy Arnez?  Yeah, I saw that too. 

Beth – you are just to cool to compete with.  I’ve got nothing to compare to you.

Chris – Who’s Bobby Sherman?  Didn’t he coach the Green Bay Packers?

Blob – I want to know about the Kansas concert.

Jef – we’ll talk among ourselves.

Faun – the only thing I question is Guns ‘n’ Roses.  You’re pretty OK for a gen Y sort.

OK Knitty people, let’s have it.  And tune in tomorrow to talk about the book!

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FAQ Fridays: A Musical Meme

11-14-13 - Grand Piano Keyboard, Viewed 8165 times

Several weeks ago a loyal reader requested a post about music.  I’m not very knowledgeable on the topic, so I didn’t think I could be of much use.  Then I ran across some music-themed memes, and I sort of cobbled this one together from what I saw floating around out there.  I won’t tag anyone, but please join if the spirit moves you!

1.  First album you ever bought?

That would have to be John Denver – I think a Greatest Hits album, circa 1975.  This album was played on one of those suitcase-type record players that zipped up when you were done with it.  You had to use those plastic adaptor thingies if you were going to play a 45.

2.  Most embarrassing album you ever bought?

Ew.  That would be “We Are the World,” circa 1983-ish.  Yeah.  Shut up!

3.  High School Soundtrack?

REO Speedwagon (I didn’t play it myself, but it was the Band of Choice among the cool), Journey, Styx, Supertramp, ELO…  what a time.

Also show tunes – Evita, Fame, A Chorus Line.  Yeah.  I was a serious geek.  Shut up!

4.  College Soundtrack?

The Talking Heads, plus long dance mixes of Madonna (when she was fun), Boy George, The Human League … 

5.  Most Appalling Musical Moment?

Getting dragged into an air band contest in a bar in about 1984 – the song?  “We Got the Beat” by the GoGos, of course.


I’m dying to know if there’s anyone reading to whom albums are merely interesting antiques…  I tend to forget that not everyone grew up with rotary dial phones, three channels on the teevee, and vinyl!

Thanks for all the supportive commenting yesterday – I got over myself, eventually!


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Are you messing with me now?

Many hits today – second best day ever – is that because (a) everyone is web-surfing at work today; (b) someone particularly smart-alecky has repeatedly hit on the site today; or (c) because YOU LOVE ME???

No matter.   Life is good, and my head won’t go anywhere near the oven.

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Blogging Blues

OK, today only 23 of the faithful peeked in here, and no one commented on my cleverness.

My best day ever?  The day I wrote about swearing. 

Was it something I said?  You guys don’t like quantum physics?


Excuse me while I go stick my head in the oven.


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