Things I Like.

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A few things that make me feel happy…or maybe the slightest bit smug?

1.   Karma.  I scored a parking spot on Saturday because the guy ahead of me got mad and did the vehicular equivalent of storming off while waiting for someone to back out of a space.  I had a full minute to spare before my hair cut appointment, and I got a free parking spot in the teeming Third Ward during Irish Fest.

Now, if those women who were rude to the sub at Zumba yesterday would wake up covered in boils, I would be even happier.

2.  A crock pot full of marinara and meatballs with plenty to freeze.  

3.  When my kids volunteer, or, at home, when they empty the dishwasher, vacuum, or clean out closets and drawers without being asked.  

4.  Bandwidth.  (Hey, you try living with teenagers.  My binge watching has been seriously curtailed this summer.)

5.  Birds at the feeder.  Almost as good as Netflix.

6.  Merino, silk, and cashmere on my needles.

7.  A big juicy novel on my Kindle app.

8.  Enough garden tomatoes – finally – for a tomato and bread salad!

9.  A vacationing co-worker’s rock star parking spot.

10. Buying a new bra that actually fits.  (Yes, seriously smug about this.)

Happy Monday!


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