This is what my afternoon looks like. Recovering from a wonderful trip to the Bay Area, Tahoe, Napa… Wondering what life will be like when the Olympics are over… Doing this and that around the house… Pondering dinner, which will involve potato salad and barbecue sauce.

Hope your day is peaceful.



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6 responses to “Sunday.

  1. I love how your teapot matches your knitting!

  2. Polka dots & stripes — a favorite combo! 😉
    I, too, wonder about life after the Olympics. There is some yet unwatched on the Tivo, having found myself completely sucked into the final episodes of the 4th season of Breaking Bad the other night instead; I’ve watched the closing ceremonies, too, and it just might be over for me now. Heh.

  3. Perfect combo! I love the teapot.

  4. Cookie

    You are so good! So glad it was a wonderful trip to Cali. I’m hoping you missed the heat.

  5. Now I want potato salad and bbq.

  6. I wonder if I’m the only person in the U.S. who didn’t watch a single Olympic event! I used to enjoy watching the Olympics until they changed the format and focused on emotional recounts of participants’ lives. 😦

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