Stripe Study and Other Business.


I finished my Stripe Study shawl sometime in mid-April, and here it is nearly Memorial Day. How does that happen? All the deets are on Ravelry. This was wonderful to knit. Simple, forgiving, and oddly compelling (one more stripe…). Better yet, it is wonderful to wear. The asymmetric shape lends a modern feel. The only reason this is not an ideal knit is the need to juggle two balls of yarn.

I started a second one, this time using three colors. I still have a ton of the green Ultra Alpaca Fine, and I’m making do with the rest. The only drawback is that with more than one contrast color you can’t really carry the strand up the side. This means ends to weave in.

In other news, it’s spring! Hasn’t it been glorious? The migratory birds have already been through. Orioles, rose breasted grosbeaks, indigo buntings. So cool. We hiked the other day at a park a bit further north, and we saw a bobolink. They are native to Wisconsin but I don’t recall ever having seen one. We got our annuals and vegetable patch and basil planted over the weekend. I did some major deck sitting. All good stuff.

Hope you have a good Monday!



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7 responses to “Stripe Study and Other Business.

  1. Beautiful shawl! And indigo buntings! I would love to see one in real life. We don’t get Baltimore Orioles out here (I miss them!), but on very rare occasion I’ve seen some of the other species.

  2. All our migrants have come and gone. I do see little finches on occasion, perching on the weeds that are strong enough for them.

  3. Your shawl is beautiful and I love the color combo. The birds are back and I am happy!

  4. Love the color combo!

  5. Cookie

    Nora! It’s wonderful! I love the colors you chose. So nice to see a clean modern take on that sort of pattern.

    You bird people are so much fun to listen to. ;^)

  6. Thanks Cheryl! The buntings are elusive. We usually see one each spring, and then it’s gone.

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  7. Your shawl is gorgeous! Hae you thought about maybe doing the 3 color “color affection” shawl? Glad you had a good time in Madison. It’s wonderful to “hear” your refreshing voice again.

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