Spring Socks.


The weather has been wacky, but it is still cool enough for hand knit socks. Finished this pair this morning (yes, there are two, but I managed to lose the photo showing both). This is your basic 64 stitch cuff down sock, knit in broken rib, with a slip stitch flap heel. The yarn is Trekking XXL. I have a crap ton left, as I always do after knitting two socks.

I have another ball of the same, in crazy springy colors, ready to cast on in my quest to keep the sock drawer topped up.

My last post never hit google reader. We shall see what happens with this one. Hope you all had a nice weekend!



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4 responses to “Spring Socks.

  1. Pretty! Love that bright blue.

  2. Nice socks! I saw your last post in Google Reader.

  3. That’s a lovely shade of blue.

  4. Very nice! I may need to knit new socks, as I realized I that some of my handknit socks are reaching the end of their lifetime.

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