WIP Wednesday


This is the Stripe Study in progress as of a few days ago. I did take out my initial effort and restart it using a garter tab cast on and kfb increases rather than the M1s called for. It seems much tidier to my eye now. I agree with the masses who have declared this a very compelling knit. There’s enough going on to be interesting but not so much that you can’t have part of your brain somewhere else.

My colors are subtle, and I’m thinking I’d like to add one carefully placed two row stripe in a very bright yellow or poison green. I’m hoping one of my friends with sock yarn issues might have a few yards of scrap yarn to help me with that.

That’s all from here. Does anyone else feel like this week is crawling?



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7 responses to “WIP Wednesday

  1. Good progress! You are right, this week has been a doozy already!

  2. My week is flying! Too many things to do.
    The shawl looks great so far! I’m definitely on the side of kf&b increases for garter stitch – they seem to be the most invisible to me.

  3. Love it! I have neither yellow nor poison green to send you, though I could prolly scrounge some screaming pink or magenta.
    And yeah, this week was over days ago.

  4. I like those colors together and I think the addition of a “wow” color would be great, too. I feel like this week is zooming by so I can’t help you with that issue.

  5. vicki

    I’d like this either way — with or without the screaming poison!!

  6. purlingoaks

    I like your current color choices but certainly am looking forward to see what you’ve decided for a third. It was just a weird week for me….

  7. Looking lovely! That is a great idea for adding that extra zip of color.

    I’m not sure if the week crawled for me, or if it just had so much happening that I had trouble keeping up with the passage of time.

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