New Year, New Projects, Renewed Mojo.

The needle-clearing purge at the end of the year has really re-charged my knitting batteries.  I was so sick of those stale projects, but too stubborn to allow them to morph from WIPs to UFOs.  It was wonderful to clear a path to some new, more compelling projects.  Above is the back of my Aidez cardigan, which was one of those “I must knit that” at first sight patterns for me.   It’s whipping up beautifully in Cascade Eco Wool.  My previous experience with this yarn told me that I needed to mess with the gauge to get a nice fabric, but lucky for me I had a giant, blocked, multi-gauge swatch at the ready in my Heather Hoodie Vest!   I’m not working the waist shaping in the pattern, by the way.  I wanted something a little more loose and comfy in this cardigan.  We’ll see if that works out.

Somewhere in the far reaches of my closet is an actual Irish fisherman’s sweater procured from the source many years ago by a traveling friend.  I need to dig it out to take a good look at the stitch patterns used in that sweater.  Aidez certainly echoes that very traditional style, but it will be interesting to compare the two when I’m feeling a little more ambitious.

And, for my “knit and talk” project, here is the Stockholm Scarf in progress.    I had been looking for a large cowl/capelet/infinity scarf and I was so pleased to find this.  The other strong contender was a cable pattern, which would be lovely but since I’m cabling on Aidez I wanted something different.  This is knit width-wise in two halves and seamed at the end.  You can of course knit it in the round, but it would require a lengthy circular cord and would get pretty bulky – I like this method because it’s a reasonably portable project even though each half is fairly sizable when finished.  The stitch pattern is completely reversible, and it has the advantage of being nicely rhythmic and easy to read, so there’s no need to tote a pattern with you if you take the project on the go.  Oh, and the yarn is Ultra Alpaca, which remains one of my very favorites and knits up like buttah on my Addi circs!

These projects are making for a much cheerier January than I usually experience.  I’m sure that probably seems completely baffling to my non-knitting friends, but having these projects to look forward to after work or other obligations really does lift my spirits!   It’s rather like having an excellent book to get lost in at the end of a stressful day.

Happy Monday!  Anything fun on your needles?





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6 responses to “New Year, New Projects, Renewed Mojo.

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Same old stuff on my needles, but I love what you have on yours!

  2. Love both your projects!

  3. Your new projects are wonderful, particularly the cabled sweater. I’m knitting socks (big surprise!) and the Herbivore shawl. I’m loving that one!

  4. Tons of stuff on my needles. Your Aidez is really gorgeous!!

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