Who Doesn’t Love a Parade?

A few scenes from our village’s annual July 4 parade…

Yeah, that’s really what they are.  Sausages! (That’s what you thought, right?)   Pictured:  Italian, Hot Dog, and Chorizo.  Apparently attending another parade:  Polish and Brat.

What?  This is Wisconsin.  We have our priorities.

Here’s Bucky Badger.  Note that it was about 90° F on July 4, and the parade occurs at high noon.  Poor guy was probably roasting alive in that getup.  Plus, I hear it stinks inside that giant head.

Members of the University of Wisconsin Marching Band.  Always so fun to see and hear – so many good memories of my alma mater!

Members of the Whitefish Bay Soccer Club U14 girls team, showing some spirit.

Another fun 4th, all around.

Hope you celebrated safely and well!



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6 responses to “Who Doesn’t Love a Parade?

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    I always enjoy your 4th of July parades, Nora. Thanks!!!

  2. Looks like a slice of Americana!

  3. Giant weenies!
    Ya gotta love it.

  4. I wonder if you can Fabreeze the inside of that head. 😕


  5. What fun – did the sausages have a race? ;o)

  6. I forgot all about Bucky!

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