FO: Citron

Check out my Ravelry project page for details.   Here, I will say simply that this pattern is a great use of a skein of solid or semi-solid sock yarn.  I had to fudge a little to avoid running out of yarn, but I knew this was an issue from the thousands who had gone before me.   I wound up with a lovely accessory that I know I will wear and enjoy very much!

Happy Monday!  What are you knitting?



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13 responses to “FO: Citron

  1. Beautiful! Love the color.

  2. It’s lovely, Nora! What a great color. I am knitting the last of six squares, part of a blanket; this sixth square seeming to take as long as the previous five combined. Busy time of year, I guess.

  3. Beautiful! What a happy color.

  4. LOVE the color! It’s beautiful and looks like a flowers on a summer day. Enjoy wearing it!

  5. knitwonpurltoo

    OMG, Nora! It’s beautiful. Looks like a flower blossom.

  6. I’m knitting a life? 😀 Just busy with life and PT and waiting to get the go ahead to knit. Happy Monday Nora!

  7. Beautiful! What a cheerful shawl!

    I’m crocheting dishcloths right now as all of my knitting projects are in time out. Naughty things.

  8. Gorgeous!

    I’m knitting Niebling’s Lotus Flower. I blame our Joan.


  9. That’s beautiful – love the color!

  10. I adore it, Nora! You inspired me to begin knitting a Citron, too.


  11. Joy

    Ooh … very, very nice!!! 🙂

  12. Lovely, Nora! Only a skein? Hmmmm.

    I actually have been knitting this week….on the travel sock. And there’s been measurable progress.

    Happy Saturday! 😀

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