Random Wednesday.

1.  Hi.  I skipped Ten on Tuesday yesterday (Ten Favorite Magazines) because I thought I’d bore you all into oblivion with my list.  Cooking, fitness, and legal trade publications are my mainstays.  I’m even getting bored with some of the cooking magazines – they seem to be getting a tad repetitive.   Pretty pictures, though.

2.  A mini grammar/useage rant.   If one is going to use a word or phrase, one should verify that they have it right.  For example, someone I used to know loved to state “the point is mute.”   Um, you mean the point cannot speak?  I would continually advise him that what he meant to say was “the point is moot,”  illustrating with spelling and definition.  He continually ignored me.   And?  The other day I saw, in writing, the phrase “at your beckon call.”   Seriously?? 

3.  The foregoing reminds me of Matt Groening’s Life in Hell cartoon, in which Bongo recites the following mangled Pledge of Allegiance: 

I plead alignment to the flakes
of the untitled snakes of a merry cow.
And to the Republicans, for which they scam,
one nacho, underpants,
with licorice and jugs of wine for owls.

Cracks me up every time.

4.  Thanks for the lovely comments on my sweater.  I wore it to work yesterday, and no one said anything about anything.  I’m honestly starting to take it as a compliment when no one says “did you make that yourself?” 

Tiny buds. Signs of hope.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.  What’s on your random list today?



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8 responses to “Random Wednesday.

  1. Mute? Oh boy! I’ve had the same thing happen with my mondo cable sweater. I think people think it is store bought and that’s okay with me!

  2. My list of grammatical pet peeves grows longer every year. I’ve seen ‘mute’ for ‘moot’ too. It’s spreading.

  3. jill

    Can’t stand when folks say, “That doesn’t jive with my …” Really? So it’s not dancing? Jibe, people! Oh, and a lot – two words.
    I have serious sweater anxiety. I knit them and they stay in pieces because seaming is scary. An intervention is necessary as I have sweater pieces that go back to the Cosby sweater era. Your sweater is perfect.

  4. I saw an email recently where someone in my neighborhood wanted to borrow a “wheelbarrel”.
    Do take it as a compliment if nobody recognizes that your sweater is handmade – it looks fabulous!

  5. Yes, that’s definitely a compliment! I have some non-knitting friends who almost always ask me if I made whatever knit I’m wearing. The few times I’ve worn something I made and they didn’t comment on it, I told them I made it and they were totally amazed. They just couldn’t believe I made it. Feel free to say to one of your work friends: “What do you think of this sweater I just finished?”, and bask in the glory when they are astonished. You deserve the praise. I like to think of it as educating the public as to how nice “hand made” sweaters can be.

  6. I still think beckon call makes more sense. What’s a beck, anyway? (My pet peeve is when people say “try and do”. It’s “try TO do”. GAH!)

  7. That is a compliment.

    What is it with people who do not have an intimate relationship with the English language? And why do so many of them work in local tv news?

    There was a kid reporter who said there were a bunch of police cars at a crime scene the other day. Wha? Why not say a few or several or even a multitude of police cars? But “a bunch”?! Jeez…


  8. MLIA is full to overflowing with those kind of language mistakes. I think it is because people don’t read as much and are writing/typing things they have heard — the mistakes are all understandable because the erroneous words sound almost like the right ones.

    But your sweater yesterday was gorgeous and you looked great in it. I didn’t take the time to say that yesterday, and I am sorry. But know that I thought it.

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