Getting close.


Ugh – sleeves!  The real problem is that you have to actually knit on them to make them grow.   I did pretty well over the weekend, powering through the end of one and this much of the other, but then I stalled, distracted by the shiny lure of books and the first season of Glee on DVD. 

Here’s a preview of the entire opus. 

The way it’s draped in the photo makes it look boxier than it is – I just checked the fit after the first sleeve and it’s perfect.  This pattern really makes me do the happy dance;  I will definitely knit this again.  I plan to do the cap-sleeve shell version to wear over a long-sleeve t-shirt.   I’ll give full details after I finish, but I did only the first of the body increases, and I’m decreasing  for the sleeves quite a bit more rapidly than indicated in the pattern.  In fact, had I followed the decreases as written,  the sleeves would have either been 8 inches too long, or I wouldn’t have ended with few enough stitches at the wrist.  My row gauge is correct – maybe I just have stubby arms.

Happy Tuesday!  What are you knitting?



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9 responses to “Getting close.

  1. I shouldn’t have done the increases in the body – it’s too boxy for my liking. And I had the same problem with the sleeves. I thought it was me but maybe it was the pattern.
    Anyway, I’d knit it again, too, because I really love it. Can’t wait to see pictures of you wearing yours.

  2. Maybe you and Carole BOTH have stubby arms. (Just kidding!)

    Looking good so far! I was just thinking about making the shell version with some yarn that’s been in my stash a long time.

  3. It’s looking beautiful!

    I just finished a Simple Things Shawlette (blocking as I type) and am working on the lace on an Ishbel. I am REALLY trying to finish up some projects, even though NOW I want to knit all sorts of springy and summery stuff!

  4. It’s going to be wonderful! I haven’t knit a stitch in days. I almost regret that. I will knit again when it’s too hot to go outside…

  5. Maybe the designer has long ape-like arms.

    The sweater looks wonderful and I can’t wait to see it on you.


  6. It’s going to be lovely! I seriously love that color – gorgeous!

  7. It is going to be great!

  8. I love the color and that you can know that the fit is working!!! Yay!

  9. Geri

    Sleeves! I’m within 4 inches of finishing the body of my first stranded two color sweater. Then it’s on to the sleeves. Fortunately, they will fit into a drop shoulder opening so they won’t be as long as the usual sleeve. Must do some math to make it all work!

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