This is the Quadracci Pavilion at the Milwaukee Museum of Art, designed by Santiago Calatrava.   The “wings” are generally open when the weather isn’t terribly windy.  They close and open each day at noon,  just for grins.   You can see what it looks like inside here

The coolest thing?  This is the view from my office window!

Happy Friday everyone!



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10 responses to “Lakewatch.

  1. You lucky thing!

    Happy Friday, our Nora!

  2. Beautiful. The only thing my office has is the lovely eye candy sitting next to me and the old guy who thinks nothing of farting long and loud whenever the mood strikes. Which is often.

  3. Wait… your office has a window?


    I have an interior office, I have to take a wander around to find natural light. I covet your view.

  4. Such a view.


    Do you allow the cubicle slaves to enjoy it occasionally, too?

  5. I must look and see if they have a video of it opening somewhere on the interwebz. 😀

    Happy Friday Nora.

  6. Now that’s what I call an office with a view.

    Has it ever taken off in a storm? No? lol

  7. How did I not know that you’re in Milwaukee? Greetings from Appleton!

  8. What a beautiful view!

  9. knitwonpurltoo

    Happy Friday, Nora. Now, what was the temperature?

  10. HOw do you get any work done? What a gorgeous view! My office looks out on a parking lot.

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