Random Wednesday.

1.  I was asked to donate something for the silent auction component of a charity fundraiser at work.  I offered up three pounds of local coffee, a mug, and a handknit item – I specified a hat, mittens, or cowl in a high-quality natural fiber, details (pattern, color, fiber) to be worked out with the successful bidder.  This will all be touted as a “keep warm this winter” package.  It all seemed very simple, until I was asked what a reasonable opening bid was, and also, what an appropriate “buy it now!” price would be. 

Stymied.  I came to understand that this is why selling hand knits is likely a losing proposition.    You can value the materials, and perhaps obtain them at less than retail price, but how do you value your time?   And, given some of the comments made by the people organizing the silent auction, I could tell that they were skeptical and perhaps even somewhat scorning of the idea of paying anything more than a pittance for a hand knit item.  I suppose they were picturing some horrid item knit of Red Heart by a fluffy elderly lady with cataracts.   I tried to explain, to no avail, but then I thought to send them photos of some of my work.  That shut them up, but I was left with kind of a bad taste in my mouth.

I’m hopeful that someone who has admired my knitting will actually bid on the package.   It will be a pleasure to knit for such a person.

2.  Remember when you were a kid and you got sooo excited about little things like a new pair of shoes?  Usually that doesn’t happen to me any more, because usually I’m desperately trying to find yet another pair of comfortable yet dressy black shoes to replace one of my go-to pairs of work shoes – I wear them out fairly rapidly, and even though I do get them repaired when I can, it’s still a neverending battle.   It’s the non-work shoes that are the fun shoes, but I’m so focused on those stupid black pumps that I don’t buy the fun stuff all that often.   So yesterday, when a package arrived in the mail bearing theseDansko 'Merrie' Clog, I was like a little kid.  They are Dansko Merrie clogs, found on sale, and so cute!!  And won’t they be perfect with hand-knit socks? 

3.  Speaking of cute, I just cast on for the Heather Hoodie Vest from the Fall 2009 Knitscene.  A couple of in-person friends have agreed to knit it with me.   Anyone else feel like joining in??  I’ll show you what I’ve got so far soon, but no time now…  TTYL!!

Happy (random) Wednesday!



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18 responses to “Random Wednesday.

  1. The eternal battle to get non-crafters to understand… sorry it left you feeling a bit bruised. Whoever bids and wins your package will be lucky!

  2. It’s definitely difficult to knit for people who don’t appreciate it. I hope the winning bidder on your auction is an awesome lover of hand knits!

  3. Beth

    yoo hoo…Nora…any chance that you or Chris could place a bid for MOI?

  4. jacked09

    I bet that’s how Joan’s people felt the first time she offered a shawl for an auction. There are people who know good knits, and know that handknits are the best kind, especially the lovely things you make. (Perhaps at the auction you’d put photos of things you’ve made in the past as representation so people get an idea of what they’re bidding on?)
    I do not understand a garment that has short sleeves and a hood. Layering is a foreign concept to me so maybe it’s just my lack of experience, but if it’s cold enough for a hood, isn’t it cold enough for sleeves?

  5. I just donated a lace scarf to an auction, and although it didn’t bring quite as much as I’d have liked, at least it sold for more than I feared.

  6. Sweet clogs! I am regretfully considering getting rid of mine. I just don’t feel stable enough on them, and since I seem to have an “enhanced susceptibility to gravity” it seems like wearing them would be tempting fate.

  7. jacked09

    Oops, jacked09 is really Carrie G. drat.

  8. How about you let us know what the last bid is the day before the silent auction closes and those of us who really appreciate hand-knits (and new coffee mugs and coffee) blow them out of the water???

  9. I’m bad. Totally forgot to wish you a happy new year 😉

  10. I think our Joan is onto something.

    You should have glared at them and told them that you do not knit crap.

    Cute shoes!

  11. Oh, how awful to have to leave a transaction like that with such a bad taste in your mouth. I hope it all works out and that you get a bidder who understands the value of the knit.

  12. Beth

    I understand!!! Give me a chance to bid!!!

  13. Hey, that wasn’t me. But most Joan’s are pretty smart. So what Joan said.

  14. At our church fair there were some lovely hand knit mittens that had a $2.00 pricetag. And they were not selling. I mean, they were not nordic mittens, but lovely mittens nonetheless.
    I would bid a TON on your mittens/hat/scarf/knitted goody.

  15. Ouch!

    IA with what the Joans said and w/Jacked09 on the hood/sleeves thing.

  16. That is rough, and disheartening, but I am glad you are making your way through it. I think you have such a wonderful “keeping warm” package, and impressed that you are willing to work out the details of the knit with the high bidder. I think that might draw someone more interested and appreciative of your knitting skills.


  17. I think the Joans have a great idea. People either “get” knitting or don’t, which is too bad for the don’ts.

    I’ll enjoy watching the KAL, thank you. 😀 /still catching up with the old ones……

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