FO – Baby Chalice Blanket

baby chalice 008 by you.

Here is the Baby Chalice Blanket, shown soaking when last we spoke.   Knit of exactly two skeins of Cascade 220 Heathers in a chocolate brown for which I’m too lazy to find the color number, US8 Addi Turbos, with an extra horizontal repeat or two to make it a bit wider.   (Sorry about the overexposed impatiens flower – added for scale.)

I mailed it off to the young recipient before I remembered to measure it… so we’ll just call it “baby blanket sized,” shall we?

This is a fantastic pattern – fun, quick, intuitive, engaging… 

I’ve had at least one “Brown?  For a baby?” query.  I resisted the strong urge to respond rudely to a rude question.  /Pats self on back.   I happen to know the young mom very well, and can state with certainty that she is not your traditional “baby color” (whatever that means) kinda gal. 

baby chalice 005 by you.

That is all.

Happy Saturday!



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19 responses to “FO – Baby Chalice Blanket

  1. I made a sweater for a friend’s new baby and he made a point of telling me how much he loved that I’d chosen ‘a strong living green’ instead of a traditional baby color. I think the color you chose is gorgeous!

  2. I knit a pink and brown BSJ earlier this year, and I anticipate a brown raglan for a new baby soon. Knit what you want!

  3. Lovely, simply lovely. 😀 Less than a week til I hunt you down! 😀

  4. Traditional baby colors are a total cop-out.

    Love the brown and the pattern. Well done!

  5. jacked09

    I have a lovely brown sweater for Jack, knit by Auntie Domme. It’s fantastic. People always have to find fault. That blanket is wonderful.

  6. YAY! for “nontraditional” — whatever that means — colors for baby knitting. There is nothing I love MORE than a gray baby blanket or a BROWN baby sweater, etc. — those color choices, to me, make it all the more adorable. People are so clueless.

  7. I love the blanket. It is beautiful. I wonder how people have the nerve/gall/insensitivity/rudeness to ask questions like that. I’m glad you found the right yarn in the right color for this gift.


  8. It’s beautiful and I LOVE the color! Brown? For a baby? Absolutely!

  9. knitwonpurltoo

    Whose traditional colors? I love the brown. It’s rustic looking and shows the stitchwork beautifully. I don’t think I would even know how to respond to a criticism of color. WTF?

  10. Lovely! I got the same “grey? for a baby?” question with my recent baby blanket. I like the brown, babies get enough pastel junk.

  11. That baby will be using that blanket forever. It is lovely, Nora. Is Stacey scaring you? 😀

  12. Lovely! I’m sure the mom-to-be loves it too.

  13. Kelly

    Love the brown! When my oldest daughter was born, an aunt made her an Amishy baby-sized quilt with lots of black. It now hangs on the wall in her room. You never grow out of “real” colors.

  14. I made a neon colored baby blanket for a mom to be who was anything but pastel. She loved it. I got several ?’ing looks and comments from mostly older women. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  15. What a beautiful idea for a baby blanket! My babies were not so fashionable while they were warm! Great knitting!!!!!! xoxoxo

  16. Beverly

    Wonderful blanket, I love the pattern and you did a grat job! Is it too heavy since it is worsted weight?

  17. Gorgeous blankie! I had a friend who recently had a baby and requested brown, pink or cream for everything. I love it!

  18. Pretty! And brown is perfect for a baby.

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