Flying High.

What are these people looking at?

planes 003 by you.

See that little dot in the clouds? 

Wait, let me help.

planes 002 by you.

Now do you see it?  Not a gull, after all.  It’s an F-16, courtesy of the Milwaukee Air and Water Show.  We had all kinds of excitement here over the weekend, with the Air Force Thunderbirds blasting overhead on and off.  We live 5 miles north of the Milwaukee harbor where the real action was taking place, but the fighter jets use that radius to turn around during the show.   Too bad the darn things move so fast – getting photos was very hit and miss.  Mostly miss.

Hope your weekend was good, however you spent it.  Happy Monday all!



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8 responses to “Flying High.

  1. Looks like a beautiful day on the water.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    What fun. We used to run into the Oshkosh folks all the time when I was a kid. Has that air show happened yet this year?

  3. Oh, they are so loud and flamboyant! 😉
    Love your sky! It’s blue! I remember blue! xo

  4. Woo! I live 2 miles north of an AFB, so every so often we get a week of treats as the Thunderbirds and/or Blue Angels practice over our neighborhood. Once walking home they turned right over my head and were so low I could make out their goggles and helmets.

  5. Looks like a good way to spend a summer weekend. Can’t believe it’s almost August already.

  6. Cool photo! I’m north of you right now, and we’re seeing slightly older planes from the EAA. Lots and lots of planes on the way back from Marshfield today!

  7. Pretty sweet air show!

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