This Could Be Trouble.

Today’s 10 on Tuesday is Ten Things That Turn You Off About People.

Although this topic is an invitation to negativity, I can’t help myself… 

1.  Failure to say “thank you” when a door is held open. 

2.  People who are “experts” in everything – even things they have never experienced.

3.  People who claim they “don’t have time” to read (or knit, or exercise, or whatever), but who seem to be able to watch every TV show known to man.

4.  Picky eaters.  Especially the ones who look at my food and say “how can you eat that?” 

5.  The one on the cell phone who cuts me off as I’m driving to work. 

6.  Actually, anyone talking on a cell phone in a public space, apparently thinking that their side of the conversation is of interest to all.

7.  Parents who find their children’s obnoxious, ill-mannered behavior to be adorable.

8.  People who litter.

9.  People who refuse to be genuine.  What are they afraid of?

10.  People who have pets – particularly dogs – and don’t spend the time to care for them properly. 

What about you?  What bugs you?

Happy Tuesday!  (I think…)



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12 responses to “This Could Be Trouble.

  1. el Jefe

    Are you channeling me? As I’ve always said, “work would be great if it weren’t for the people.”

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    As of late, it is PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE behavior. I’m about sick of it. Ooops. Sorry ’bout that;-P

  3. I’ll tell you what bugs me — all of the above!!

  4. I think that can be consolidated to “people who think they’re the most important and don’t care/think about how their behavior affects others”. And yeah, we hates them.

  5. Beth

    ok–I may be in the minority here (and I’m curious what other people think), but I HATE people who drop over without calling. Now, part of this is because I regularly look like a rat at home. Part of it is that I want to get the dogs outside. But part of it is that I wouldn’t drop in on you without making sure that it’s convenient.

    I can make an exception for my wonderful neighbor who stops by with produce from her garden (and who knows that I look ratty and waits for the dogs to go out). But otherwise, please call me.

  6. I agree with all those but especially the littering. I hate it when people litter!

  7. Yes!

    & I agree with Beth. If you can’t be bothered to call first, don’t expect me to let you in. I would never just show up at your door with no warning.

  8. Oh Nora, all that plus. The lack of acknowledgement for holding the door open drives me wild. I’m not expecting effusive thanks or to be written into their will but a “thanks” or even a head bob would be nice.

  9. Yup, I have pretty much the same list AND Beth’s. Hate, hate, hate people at my door. I’m a curmudgeon that way.

  10. all of the above plus those who don’t even bother to look if anybody else is coming through a door behind them and let it slam in their face.

  11. Heh. Love Carrie’s condensing of the gist of your list. And Beth. I share her sentiments. I’m a woman living alone… with weapons. I will answer the door with a gun if I don’t know you’re coming.

  12. Yes! #1 makes me nuts. I been known to say “You’re welcome” when they walk through the door I’m holding without saying thank you. Most people still don’t get it.

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