The Grumpies.

I’ve got little but random kvetching today…

… I weary of the ubiquitous “flat stomach” and “tooth whitening secret” banners festooning my Hotmail screen.  Well, I should be more specific – I weary of the “before” photos.  Ew.  What has become of our culture?   We all have bodily features that are best left to the imagination.   Why can’t they stay there where they belong?

… What idiot determines the average length of  mass-produced women’s slacks and jeans?   Does he/she hail from a planet where a 38-inch inseam is the norm?  For Lord’s sake, I’m a reasonably average-sized female, and I cannot buy a pair of pants to wear off the rack.  They all have to go straight to the tailor to have several inches lopped off, adding a minimum of $15 to any purchase. 

… While I’m on the topic, what is with the tissue paper that passes for fabric these days?   I think we’ve been bamboozled, people.  I’m guessing those super-thin t-shirts, which are cheap only in their construction, reap a big fat margin for the fashion industry. 

…  And?  Raise your hand if you’ve been through the wringer of purchasing spectacles recently.  What a nightmare.  The frames themselves are frighteningly expensive, and that’s the easy part.  The real fun starts when you sit down with the salesperson to get to the meat of the matter:  the lenses.  You are made to feel like a fool, at best, if you don’t go with the anti-scratch, anti-glare, superduperspecial coatings that cost the equivalent of a body part.  And how about an extended warranty?  Boy, you’ll be sorry if those glasses break in two months.  You’re making a Big Mistake.  (And then the ringing up proceeds, complete with baleful glares due to the paltry commission brought on by your cheapass ways.)

Shoot me.

I’d better stop before I say something I’ll regret. 

Happy Wednesday?



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21 responses to “The Grumpies.

  1. Elizabeth L in Apex, NC

    I just bought new glasses on Monday, to the tune of $800. Now, I have extreme near-sightedness, and I also require bifocals. But, seriously? The lenses alone were more than $400. And that total price tag is after the insurance contribution! My husband looked shell-shocked, and then said, “Good. You needed them.” (What a guy!)

  2. I was talked into the antiglare thing the last time I bought glasses and I don’t think it was worth the extra money at all.
    As for pants, yes! I always have to hem mine but I do it myself so at least I’m not paying a tailor to do it.

  3. CRANKY!!!! From my Nora!! YEAH! Loves it! Cranky must be moving East (and North).

    Maybe I’ll actually get a non-cranky post out this week.


  4. I seem to have the opposite problem – all my jeans are too short and look like highwaters. Lately not so much, but that could be because I just don’t shop. o.0
    Everything reaps a big fat profit for the fashion industry. I read an article on “fast fashion” that said (and it’s true, but I never noticed it before) that they aren’t making seasonal clothing anymore. New clothes turn over about every 6 weeks. Those people are expecting you (and some people actually FALL FOR IT) to buy a new wardrobe every six freaking weeks.
    I didn’t buy antireflective once and found myself staring back at my own eyes all the time. It was crazy.

  5. Beth

    I’m not cranky–it’s my 25th anniversary!

  6. Beth

    although I DO have one complaint…why do virtually all zip up jackets/sweats/sweaters have hoods? Who needs a hood?

  7. I’d be thrilled to find some pants with a long inseam – everything’s too short on me. Pretty much all the off-the-rack pants I see have about a 30-31″ inseam, and I need at least 32 just to wear them with flats. At least you have excess fabric that you CAN cut off. I can’t just add some.

  8. Happy Wednesday Cookie. The upside to the glasses is that you can take the prescription, go online, and order cheap frames and lenses without anyone judging you.

  9. Think Wendy is kidding? *L*

    I hate shopping for pants slightly more than I hate shopping for glasses. I miss glass lenses and I swear the next pair of glasses I need I’m getting online. I’m sick of dealing with salespeople.

    Oh, and I love the tissue thin tops. Don’t hate me.


  10. If you’re like me, you’re about two inches too tall to shop in the petite section and average hits you about three inches too long. I’ve taken to wearing shoes with a bit of a heel so that I don’t have to deal with hemming my pants!

  11. My last pair of glasses (nearsighted, no-line bifocals) were $600 about a year ago at LensCrafters. But at least they fit and the frames haven’t broken and the bifocals are in the right place, things that were NOT true of the “2 pairs for $69” or some such that bought at America’s Best the time before. Sheesh.

  12. Ah, that’s why all my casual pants and some of my dressy casual pants come from Lands’ End. You can select the in-seam length you want, up to the quarter-inch. And now that they’re doing free shipping to offset the bad economy, their pants are a bargain (if you like the styles.)

  13. If more people told it like it is we’d all be better off. Call ’em all on the carpet, don’t fall for their sales pitches, stop buying crap….would things improve?

  14. Linda M

    I just bought new glasses at my independent optometrist’s clinic and shop. Frames were reasonable: $150. Lenses had a shopping list of options and I can say that I’m happy with what I got and can tell the difference. I have progressive (no line) lenses and have had problems with peripheral vision (lack of). The optician recommended a new high-end lens from Zeiss Optics and wow, I can really tell the difference. I have much better peripheral vision and a broader reading field too. I also really like the anti-glare coatings: for me they make an enormous difference driving at night. Total was about $650 (no extended warranty, no anti-scratch coating) and while that is really high for me (highest I’ve ever paid), the improvement in the quality of my vision is really apparent.

    Maybe you could find an independent eye clinic with salaried staff for next year?

  15. I had a nice runaround buying my last pair of glasses. I had the lens put in an old frame. The horror.

    I cannot believe you don’t enjoy a good dose of before flab on an ongoing basis. 😉

  16. You called, Nora! The only experience I have yet been able to avoid from this list would be the glasses/frames adventure.

  17. meezermeowmy

    My annual check-up is next week, and I suspect I need a new prescription for glasses. Your post is food for thought, and discussion with DH.

    We’ve always paid for the anti-scratch. I question if I should get the anti-glare again. Problem is, as I recall, it’s all of a package. And all those finishes mean the lenses have to be made off-sight, making the “glasses in an hour” a fable. le sigh.

  18. I think we need to find where Cheryl S shops! GReat post and fun comments….especially when sitting in National.

  19. I’ve been cranky lately too. Different reasons, but cranky nonetheless.

  20. I have bought three pairs of glasses online – my starting point was here:

    I went to (which is also affiliated with ebates if you use that service to get a % back n cash) and paid $40 for frames AND lenses with anti-glare and anti-scratch. They are almost identical to the ones RR insisted on getting that were $400.

    Go forth and save $$ on your glasses! It’s totally worth it. Oh and your Dr might give you a hard time about giving you your prescription but don’t let them intimidate you. ;o)

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