Who you callin’ crazy?

Ms. Joan’s plate is quite full, but somehow she manages to fit in dessert – complete with whipped cream and a cherry on top – and then give it all away.   Over the weekend she managed to raise a considerable sum for the children of Darfur, ream out a hapless busybody who falsely accused her of running trespassers off her property,  and knit about 45 miles of lace (I’m merely assuming this last bit – maybe she knit more). 

If that’s not enough, look what showed up at my house on Friday, just in time to cheer up a crummy day.



From Joan.  Who has nothing else to do.  The yarn is Mountain Colors silk/wool laceweight in the Crazywoman colorway.   The shawl pin is just exactly what I needed and the acorns are precisely what  I would have chosen for myself.

Also in the package was an errant Spring, 2008 IK containing the pattern for my next lace project.   Apparently that was a popular issue here in Milwaukee and the yarn stores were cleaned plum out, but Buffalo came up trumps.

I leave it to you to decide who, in this scenario, is the crazywoman. 

Happy Monday all!



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13 responses to “Who you callin’ crazy?

  1. How thoughtful of her to send you that package!

  2. That Joan is something else!

  3. I see no crazy. Unless you drop everything to try to keep up with her, of course. ;^)

    I have sock yarn in that color, btw.

  4. Crazywoman yarn from a crazywoman knitter to a crazywoman knitter. The cycle of life. Gorgeous stuff! Sweet indeed.

  5. The only crazy I can see here is that she actually gave away that yarn! What a generous friend.

  6. Crazy Woman is the name of a mountain range in Montana where Mountain Colors is dyed. But it’s fitting, no? 😉

  7. Wow. Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what it becomes some day.

  8. That Joan is something, all right. What gorgeous yarn!

  9. Congratulations on the win, Nora! I look forward to seeing what you make with your new yarn. I love that shawl pin!

  10. Thanks to Carrie, I now know where we will have our old lady knitters meet up some day – in view of those mountains.

  11. Lovely! That will make one beautiful shawl!

  12. beautiful yarn! hit and run posting. i’m alive, I swear! xoxo

  13. Sweet indeed! That’s quite a dessert Ms. Joan whipped up.

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