A Good InVestMent.

Maybe there really are no coincidences. 

I’ve been thinking of knitting a vest for some time.  Vests could, possibly, wind up being my signature knitting gimmick.  I love wearing vests.  They look great.   They are less expensive and less time consuming to knit than sweaters. 

I have had Talia queued up for a couple of weeks, ready to cast on with some lovely Cascade 220 Heathers (in – what else – brown) after I bind off my Shetland Triangle (in the hope that I’ll get gauge on my Addis). 

Then, listening to the latest Stash and Burn podcast the other day, I learned about Vest-uary – a KAL for folks who want to knit vests in the month of February. 

I think it’s a sign.  With any luck, I’ll get started on Sunday. 

Anyone else thinking about knitting vests next month?   Show us your patterns!



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10 responses to “A Good InVestMent.

  1. I’ve been planning to knit a vest for Dale for ages. This could be just the kick in the pants I need.

  2. I’ve had Talia queued for a while too…but I’m not making any KAL commitments until I finish moving and this round of PT. They’re being mean to me this time. 😦 Imay even ask Angie to come down and beat them up for me.

  3. Maybe if I knit a vest instead of a bigass sweater my arms will feel better.

  4. I like the idea of a vest, but I just don’t wear them. I suppose it’s mostly because I think they look best with buttoned shirts, and I almost never wear those. And for outwear, it’s my arms that tend to get cold, so vests aren’t very practical.

    Yet I’m still very tempted to do a vest version of the Aran cardigan I just made – or maybe the Quilted Diamond vest from Webs.

  5. I haven’t worn vests since my freshman year of high school, where they were all satiny and patterned after men’s suits. I have no interest in wearing them now because I fear the fashion flashback. They always look cute on other people, though, so go for it!

  6. I can’t wait to see your vest knit up, Nora.

    While vests aren’t really my thing, I did fall in love with a pattern from that one skein book. Sadly, the largest size it comes in is a 34 chest.


    Unless I rework the pattern, there will be no vesting in my future. xo

  7. I am not a vest person. I am beginning to wonder if I’m the only one not signed up for some way cool KAL. Bummer.

  8. Oh I agree. I love a good vest. My first ever garment for myself was a vest and I went on and made quite a few.

    I’m not doing Vestuary, even though I was tempted because I’m so caught up in lace, but I will be doing more this year, for sure.

  9. Nice vest pattern. You will look especially cute in Talia, Nora!

  10. I am not ready to knit a vest right now. I do have a spectacular Halloween one queued for the time I am ready. I even have the yarn waiting in the stash. I am not sure if a vest is good for me or not, but with the wild one I will knit one day, I do not think that matters.

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