Three Things?


Here’s a random sample of the kinds of things populating my (sometimes mental) “Three Things” list for winter health… 

♥  Vitamin D3, 1000 mg every morning.  My internist is pushing these things as though she gets a kickback from the vitamin manufacturers.  Dosage is determined by the latitude at which you live – Wisconsinites, in winter, need 1000 mg per day, according to my doc, who was armed with studies and statistics about the benefits, which include the prevention of various illnesses, including Seasonal Affective Disorder, depression, and, anecdotally, ADD.  There are those who beg to differ, but I figure it can’t hurt, so I’m on it. 

♥  The stairwell near my office at work, instead of the elevator.   Both up and down.  A truly little thing, but a good one during the afternoon slump.

♥  An extra run on my own each week, instead of wimping out when I don’t have my buddy to run with.  Yesterday, I ran two miles as fast as I could sustain a pace – there’s probably a fancy running name for this, but whatever it is, it made me feel great all day.

Happy Tuesday, all.  How’s it going for you?



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11 responses to “Three Things?

  1. Beth

    1. homemade bran muffins in the morning–just a change of pace from the granola.
    2. longer flossing.
    3. double salad before dinner–last night I didn’t even want any spaghetti after it.

  2. Vitamin D is a good thing. I didn’t know about the ADD, though. I may need more. 😀

  3. Um, I got nuthin’. Am at that point in the pregnancy where I’d like to tell everyone to piss off and stay in my room and knit and eat chocolate.

  4. Re: vitamin D. Check the amount of D in your daily multivitamin if you take one and on your milk carton if you drink milk. You may already be getting enough vitamin D. When I was getting bored and depressed last month I bought a bottle of vitamin D to combat possible SAD, but after checking the other sources mentioned above I realized I already get 1800 mg/day. I think 2000 is the limit. Vitamin D, like A, is (I think — google to know for sure) a fat-soluble rather than a water-soluble vitamin. If you have more than your body can use it builds up in the fatty tissues and can cause harm. Sorry, don’t remember exactly what the harm is. Google “vitamin D overdose” and check.

    I am not a doctor, yada yada. Just do some checking before you overindulge in the D.

  5. Kmkat is correct about checking what you’re already getting – my multi is not overly high in D, and I can’t drink milk. My doc discussed all this, and her bottom line (based on some empirical evidence of blood levels of healthy patients) was that it was unlikely that an adult in Wisconsin would OD on the D3, but it certainly makes sense to see if you’re getting the recommended allowance via whatever means.

  6. CindyCindy

    Aren’t you a good kid? I’m still walking in the dark with the dog. I try to take the D, but forget. I am eating better and avoiding wheat. Hard, but I feel so much better.

  7. When I walked the payroll over to Town Hall today I took the long way around the library to come back. It’s still a very short walk but it felt good to be out in the cold air.

  8. I forced myself to the gym yesterday, made a huge salad with lots of veggies in it and ripped out a sweater that I wasn’t feeling good about knitting, rather than chug away at it. THAT was a weight off!

  9. You’re such a good girl.

    Turns out I should have knit a smaller size Mr. PinkPants. Although, for now, I’ll be content with just making the sleeves shorter. I guess I need to work on the body image junk after all. Who knew?


  10. We walked this morning. First time in a long time and we’re going to keep trying to motivate ourselves by devising a points system. When we’ve worked up X number of exercise points we can [insert treat (not food!) here].

    I feel good about it today.

  11. Today, I am going to be nicer to me. That is worth three today.

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