Dinner, and More.


Cookie, a big fan of the Blog Swag, wondered if my 3 Things idea for staying healthy – and hopefully awake – during the winter months would involve a button.  Well, goshdarn, lookie what I made!  Have at it, joiners!  (Please save to your own server.)   It does look a bit like the business aspect of a power saw, but polite people won’t say so. 

Now, to business.  It is Wednesday, after all, and we made some delicious, fast fish tacos last night. 

fish tacos by you.

Yes, there IS fish under all that taco-ey goodness.  We use the panko-crusted tilapia filets from Costco.  They go into the oven for about 15 minutes whilst one preps the toppings, and it’s dinner.  I make a Baja sauce from equal parts of mayo and sour cream, a couple of tablespoons of good salsa, and the juice of half a lime.  Good!

What’s for dinner at your house tonight?



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17 responses to “Dinner, and More.

  1. Oh yum! Tonight I am finally having that Chicken Spaghetti casserole from Pioneer Woman. I took it out of the freezer on Monday and it should be defrosted by the time I get home tonight.

  2. Sounds yum! Tonight it’s pot roast. Just carrots and onions and maybe some tomatoes. tomorrow’s dinner sounds better. I’m dong some type of roast chicken. All this rain and dreary has me nesting.

    Hey Nora, did you realize that your button looks like… /runs


  3. Beth

    spaghetti with white clam sauce and salad. mmmm. But I’ll have to try your fish tacos–I love that sort of thing and need to make a Costco trip anyway.

  4. We use the same fish!! I’ve fallen hard for fish tacos this year!

  5. We are actually having tacos too, but the unhealthy beef kind. 🙂

  6. Panko-breaded turkey meatballs on red leaf lettuce salad. Fun button, Nora. Fish tacos sound yummy.

  7. YUM. That is a recipe I might try – I do love fish tacos from Rubios. YUMYUMYUM.
    It does look like a power saw, doesn’t it? DH has a saw blade that someone painted with a winter scene, and we hung it on the wall. So your button is clearly art, too.

  8. So I guess we verified that I am not Polite People.

  9. Those tacos look great!

  10. Frances

    Those fish tacos look great! I am still working on left over mac and cheese (homemade!) and salad.

  11. Would you believe I’ve never had a fish taco? But those look delicious! (and easy, too)

    I have to remember that.

    Tonight (PT conferences) we’ll have sandwiches and oven fries, but last night was a biggie: BBQ baby back ribs, twice baked potatoes, roasted broccoli (with lemon zest and parmesan), garlic cobblestone bread and salad.

  12. Carrie’s pregnant. I think that lets her off the hook. Doesn’t it?

    I think it looks like a purple peanut butter cup, btw.

    Your fish tacos look lovely.

    Do I really have to eat dinner every day? 😕


  13. Looks yummy. The button is way cool. I’ve no clue what I’m having for dinner. I don’t have to cook tonight!

  14. Dinner is/was Roasted Chicken. But I would have loved those tacos too.
    Yes Cookie, you have to eat dinner every day.

  15. ok, is that avocado on them? Or just lettuce? (trying to make an actual “recipe” from this)

  16. Dinner was mashed sweet potatoes and a granola bar.

  17. Now she tells me.


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