Knitting in Place.

I’ve been trying to spend the majority of my knitting time on the Shetland Triangle.  When I alternate between the two shawls I’m knitting, it seems that I make no discernable progress.  Because this project is closer to completion than Adamas (read, I’m closer to running out of yarn, because this is meant to be a one skein project), I’m focusing on it.  For all that, it seems to stay the same size.

Still knitting... by you.

Nonetheless, the skein will run out sooner or later.  I’m thinking of putting some beads on the edging, but we’ll see how I feel when I get that far.  I’m not sure this shawl will block out as large as Sarah’s, but one never knows with lace.

I did finish my mitts – and happily wore them to keep my hands snug during some chilly soccer games over the weekend. 

Dashing by you.

Whoo hoo!  The pattern is Dashing.  These were knit of Paton’s Classic Merino 100% wool from my considerable felting stash, in leaf green.  Size 7 bamboo DPNs.  Not sure about time served – I  worked these in fits and starts, occasionally knocking out 15 rows or so before a soccer game or somewhat fewer than that on the bus. 

I also started a sister project:

Fetching by you.

Fetching, in Rowan Cashsoft Aran.  Yum!  I have heard rumors that the 45 stitches called for in the pattern may result in a rather loose mitt.  Some have suggested they knit this with 35 stitches around – I went for 40 and it seems to be right.

That’s all the knitting news from here.  What are you working on?



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16 responses to “Knitting in Place.

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Thing 2. But, I’m getting close! That, and I’m looking for some mitt yarn in my stash. I don’t even own a pair any more.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    I forgot to mention how great your mitts look and how beautiful your shawl is. Slow start today.

  3. Great progress on the Shetland Triangle. Love your mitts – I’m knitting some too, as well as a pair of socks.

  4. I did Fetching and they came out on the loose side, but I think that had as much to do with the yarn (cotton/modal) as the pattern itself. With wool you can always shrink it just a tad.

  5. What’s all that green stuff in the background of your photos behind your lovely knitting?

    Oh, wait. I remember that stuff. Grass. I used to have some of that.

  6. The shawl is just beautiful! I have NO patience for lace work…

    I did a few “Fetching”s last year (I think? Was it two years ago?) and they fit fine as written.

    I’m hoping to start a project–a sweater dress for C. in the same pattern I knit for her a few years back, but in nicer yarn this time 😉

  7. Your Shetland Triangle is growing(!) and looking lovely. I love the mitts. That green is a lovely color.

    I think how that pattern fits depends on the knitter and the gauge they are getting. Plus the yarn, of course. I wonder where mine are. 😕

    I need to start sock #2 today and the tips I need for my sweater should be here today, so I can return to my sweater, which is a very good thing because I keep buying tops to wear under it. o.O


  8. I bet your Shetland Triangle will block out larger than one thinks. It is turning out beautiful with the different colors. You can knit knit knit on a project and “feel” like it isn’t growing and then “bam” is all of a sudden larger. Sneaks up on us. My sis did Fetching and they came out of little loose. Smart to go down a few stitches. Dashing definitely looks like ones I will need to knit up soon.

  9. I love all your projects right now!

  10. The shawls look like it is growing to me. It is so pretty.

    I spent my knitting time this weekend catching up with clue #3 on the mystery socks and a little bit on the handspun socks.

  11. Oh what fabulous bursts of colour. I’ve done fetching but not dashing and I mean to before next winter. They just look so warm and lovely.

    And your shawl – I want to start another one in such great colours! Like yours!

  12. Everything looks so pretty here! I love the Dashing mitts, and the shawl will be stunning when you finish.

  13. I made a shawl with one skein of Farmhouse Yarns Lumpy Bumpy. It was looking way tiny so I added a border with a 1/2 skein of Shepherd’s Shades. Then I soaked it all for 20 min. in Euclan. Explosive growth on the blocking front. Moral of the story: You can make your little Noro any size you want with a good wet block. (It’s VERY pretty, btw.) I like those dashing mitts a bunch. Must look into them more closely. I wore my slightly too big Fetchings all winter. Need something new. 🙂

  14. The shawl looks so beautiful, Nora. Very nice Dashing(s) as well. You are quite the constant knitter….and producer.

  15. Congrats on finishing the mitts. I loved my fetchings. They’re like cookies… you can’t do just one. THe shawl is turning out WONDERFUL!

    Happy Wednesday!

  16. Lisa McGuire

    Sorry for the intrusion, I hopped over from Terry’s blog, but I LOVE your Dashing mitts! They are fabulous, I just added them to my queue and favs at Rav. I’d like to do them in a royal blue, for school games…football, etc.

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