New Books!

Well, new to me, anyway. 

Our friends at KnitPicks are offering 40% off their entire stock of books, in case you haven’t received their copious e-mails advising you of this fact.  The day the first one hit my in-box, I investigated.  Turned out that KnitPicks offerings (on sale) were consistently less expensive than Amazon’s best prices, with free shipping if you hit their minimum (not hard to do when buying books).

So I bit.

Books!!! by you.

Because we have a great library system, and because of the wide availability of knitting information and patterns on line, I approach the outlay of cash money for knitting books with extreme deliberation.   I chose three that will serve me (and keep me in patterns) for years.  I went with:

Vogue Knitting:  The Ultimate Knitting Book – a knitter’s reference book.  It’s the sort of book I can keep close by so that I don’t have to get up from my comfy chair to search for the answer to a question on line.  I haven’t paged through it yet, but I’m looking forward to a long perusal over a cup of tea…


Classic Elite Knits  – Patterns, and more patterns – classic, lovely stuff.  And even though each pattern suggests the use of a Classic Elite yarn (no duh!), each one also includes a guideline for a “generic” alternative (by weight and fiber content).  The patterns in this book will age well, so I don’t have to worry about waiting until I have more experience to tackle some of the more challenging sweaters.  There are certainly many that are straightforward enough for me to handle now…

and finally,

Knitting Around – my first EZ book, and well worth owning.  It’s part autobiography, part biography, part technical manual, and altogether wonderful.  The old photographs and outtakes from EZ’s sketchbook are fabulous! 

Oh, and for those interested in such things, I placed the order on a Sunday, was advised that it had shipped by early Tuesday, and it arrived on my doorstep on Saturday.  I’m two for two on the vaguaries of KnitPicks shipping – nothing shipped from the future, and nothing was sucked into the Black Hole.  I think being in the Midwest helps.

Happy Monday everyone!  What are you knitting?



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11 responses to “New Books!

  1. New books are always so much fun! My knitting book shelves are full to the brim so I’m really selective these days but sometimes I can’t resist either.

  2. knitwonpurltoo

    What cool books. I have the EZ book and her Almanac (which I love). I also have the Vogue Knitting book and adore it. Fabulous reference source. But, the Classic Elite book? Looks wonderful. Classic patterns are always a good bet. I tend to knit them because I’m so slow. By the time I’d finish one of the trendy patterns, it would be out of style!

  3. Knitting Around is a fabulous read even if you don’t knit a stitch. I’d love to see the Classic Elite book.

  4. Nice selection of books! I haven’t seen the new VK book, but I have the previous version. I think you’ll really enjoy Elizabeth Zimmermann’s book, it’s such a fun read even apart from the actual knitting content!

  5. I just love it when KP puts a sale on their books! I scored EZ Knitting Around on their last sale, and now having the collection, I’ve got to say this is my favourite.
    I’ll have to check out your other two books, they sound great.

  6. They know you’re a knitting litigator and don’t make your packages marinate. 😉
    People send me ads for that book sale all the time, and I always think, “Oh, there’s nothing I need/want.” Then the sale is over and I remember EZ!!! Augh.

  7. Those are wonderful additions to your knitting library. I love picking up my copy of Knitting Around just to read.

  8. Very nice choices, Nora.

    If I didn’t hate Knitpicks so much, I might be tempted. I am still waiting for the tips I need to work on my sweater. I am tempted to go buy some Addi Lace needles and just be done with the KP people.


  9. You’ll get lots of use out of the Vogue knitting book! I am constantly turning to that book first when I need and answer!

  10. Knitting books? If I can find them! Right now, I just dug out the twisted sisters knit sweaters book. I like it because it gives you all the information you need to change and adapt patterns or even do your own.
    BTW, I loved Bella and Edward. And the crazy endings. I want more!

  11. So you like EZ? I don’t own any of her books but people generally rave about her. Or hate her. Either camp it seems.

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