Punkin Season.*

artsy punkin by you.

The coy maple leaf is strategically covering a spot where the squirrels already started to munch. 

I heard talk of toasted pumpkin seeds yesterday.  I hate getting all the gunk off them, but I seem to have some willing hands in the house with more energy than I for this sort of folderol.

Our community is gearing up for its annual Great Pumpkin Display, which involves gazillions of blazing jack-o-lanterns lined up on stacked picnic tables and bleachers in our little park.  You can go carve a pumpkin to display, or you can buy hot chocolate and caramel apples and walk around admiring them all.  A few gigantaur pumpkins, professionally carved (probably with power tools, so thick are their shells), always stand sentry to amaze and impress. 

It’s a good time.  I probably won’t be able to get any decent photos for you on my little camera, in the dark.  We shall see.

Have a glorious Sunday, everyone!

*My dad always called me “punkin,” so I just have to pronounce it that way.



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11 responses to “Punkin Season.*

  1. So sweet. Your dad calling you Punkin’. The ‘blazing jack-o-lanterns’ are my favourite part of October.
    Good luck with the photos, I’m looking forward to seeing them.

  2. I have a real affinity for that nickname. My little brother was born on Halloween and had red hair. I always called him “punkin”. Have a great time. Sounds like fun.

  3. Sounds like fun! Great punkin shot, too.

  4. You shouldn’t have told us the secret of the pumpkin. We would have just thought it was artistic. The Great Pumpkin Display sounds great! I hope you have good weather for it. We’ve got snow this morning. 😦

  5. I didn’t need my A/C on last night – does that mean it’s fall?
    This time of year, you must call it punkin. Yesterday we went punkin pickin’. Come November 1, though, they’ll be back to pumpkins. I love punkins. We used to go camping over Halloween and leave the jack-o-lanterns lit up in the “woods” around the campsite.

  6. Lovely photo, Nora.

    Sounds like a very cool gathering at your local park. Will we get photos of the event? 😀

  7. I always called my kids punkin too. Maybe you need to make a scarecrow for the squirrels. 😉

  8. That sounds like such fun. Enjoy!

  9. I love pumpkins, even if they aren’t jack-o-lanterns. I had someone I dated call me pumpkin and I still get squishy when I hear it. 😀 Weird. xoxo

  10. Beth

    why is there no mention of pie? I think that the recipe on the can of pumpkin is about as good as it gets–and I’ve tried the fancy shmancy methods. IMO, pumpkin pie should not be “chiffon’y” and should not have other fruit in it. Its beauty is in its simplicity (ok–a little whipped cream on the side).

  11. Beautiful punkin photo, Nora….squirrel or no squirrel.

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