Random annoyances (aka, maybe I should get over myself).

On Firefox.  I like Firefox more than IE for several reasons, but for blogging, you can keep it.  I have trouble uploading photos directly to my posts or transferring them from flickr, which may account for the lack of photos in the blog lately.  I have resolved to log in to Wordpress via IE to ensure that I can actually post photos I have taken, and avoid having my head explode. 

On running out of podcast backlog, and download interruptus.  I was loving being late to the game in discovering Cast On and Stash and Burn.  Listening to back episodes has kept me entertained for hours on the bus, running, and knitting.  Alas, I’ve listened my way to current on both, and now I’m trying to find something new to listen to.  I tried the Webs podcast, but that’s mostly advertising veiled in chatter about what’s new in their stock, plus many of the episodes are very short.  Eh.  I just subscribed to the KnitPicks podcast, and that seems to be Very Serious.  Probably good for learning things, not so hot when I want to be amused.   I gave Lime ‘n Violet a spin the other day.   Having heard mixed reviews from my readers, I didn’t know what to expect.  I do subscribe to their Daily Chum blog, which features some good patterns and glimpses of what’s up with the Cool Kids.  After one episode, the jury is still out.  Violet may border a bit on Rachel Ray in terms of her use of trite slang and gushing.  Lots of personal talk, not enough knitting, to my mind, but I only listened to one.  This is in part because my first two attempts at downloading from iTunes resulted in error messages partway through.  Getting a full podcast to download is becoming somewhat of a crap shoot, and I don’t much like that.  Why can’t things just work like they are supposed to?

On the bus.  This is one I really do need to get over, because I chose this mode of transportation.  But please indulge me for just a moment.  In the past week, I have seen a bus driver READING THE NEWSPAPER while driving, drawn a driver who failed to stop when signaled at least three times during a half hour ride, and another who had the heat cranked so high (it was 57 degrees outside, people) I thought I might become ill.  Good thing I’ve got that iPod to shut it all out.

Happy Tuesday!  Wait, am I supposed to write about working out or something???



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13 responses to “Random annoyances (aka, maybe I should get over myself).

  1. Elizabeth L in Apex, NC

    Reading the paper while driving a BUS? Um, I’d be taking my camera with me for a while, just in case the opportunity arose to catch him in the act… at least you might scare him in to putting it away! Be safe, please.

  2. Here’s what annoying me: Bloglines! They haven’t picked up my post feed in days. Arrrgh.

  3. I’m with Carole…Bloglines is making me nuts the last few weeks!

    When is your half marathon?

  4. Same with me on the Cast On thing. I was in heaven until I caught up, and now waiting for new episodes makes me a little crazy. I’m not fond of Lime & Violet. I’ve tried Stash and Burn, but I’ve never really been able to get into it like Cast On and Knitpicks. Maybe I’ll give it another go.

    If you’re looking for something to listen to on the bus, you should check out Librivox on iTunes. They are books that are in the public domain, and they’re decently done.

  5. I have heard good things about Sticks and String. (www.sticksandstring.com.au).
    Um, darling? Bus drivers falling asleep, reading the paper or failing to stop are NOT annoyances. They are Bad Things. Report them please, before they cause a terrible crash and make you drop a stitch. Seriously.

  6. There’s also the Doubleknit podcast
    Which, by the way, DOESN’T work with IE. Or at least, not the way they’ve used the embedded player until now. But they’re aware of the problem now, so on future ones, they’ll also have a direct link to the podcast for IE users.

  7. How can you write about training and exercise when you have a rant on? There’s always next week!

  8. Sometimes one just needs to rant!

  9. Margene loves to enable. Have you ever noticed that? *L*

    I’ve never heard anything good about L&V and don’t know anything about any of the others. Although, I do agree that dangerous driving should be reported. Not just for a safety standpoint, but from the point of the city being held accountable if something happens. Think like a lawyer, Nora! ;^)

    Yeah, I got nothing. *L*


  10. Maybe the rant got your heart rate into its target zone?

  11. Carrie’s got it. Report the driver. Dropped stitches are no fun.

    I’ve listened to the first three episodes of Faery Knitting on the recommendation of my DSIL. She reads a faery tale and there’s some discussion of knitting. I like the stories so far but I’m also a fan of Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

  12. My late BIL was a bus driver and a train engineer, he read 8 books a week and watched a portable TV while he drove. And smoked cigarettes and probably drank on the job. I used to call and report him even though I never rode his bus but as far as I know, he always got away with it.

    Rant all you want, maybe you should do a podcast?

  13. I agree re Firefox.

    Here are my thoughts on podcasts:

    SnB – best ever. Overtook cast on as my favourite. Brenda is wavering a little and not being so regular anymore in her recording means I feel a bit distant from her. But I still love her.

    I stopped listening to L&V ages ago. It was too long. 90 minutes, sometimes more, of waffle, got on my goat. If they could have cut it down I’d have stayed. Maybe. Daily Chum is good though.

    Knitpicks is ok. I don’t mind it. Some of her interviews are excellent, but yes, quite SERIOUS.

    Sticks and String is an Aussie one and, though I don’t mean to be disloyal, not so interesting. A bit slow. Bit of a yawn. But I stick around for the interviews and stuff.

    I don’t listen to any others though new ones pop up all the time. I should try more but I mainly listen to audiobooks from Audible.com – SO HAPPY!

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