Fall Weekend.

fall 001 by you.

This maple tree in our front yard, as seen from under the canopy, is one of my favorite things about our home.   The lots in our suburban village are very small, having been planned and zoned in a different era.  This tree rather dwarfs our front lawn, and it shades the front of the house so that it can feel chilly inside even on a warm afternoon.  The roots get into our sewer lateral and have to be cleaned out every now and again to ward off backups.  Grass doesn’t much like to grow under its shade, nor do any but shade-tolerant plants.  I forgive it all of this, because it’s a lovely tree. 

You can just see the leaves starting to turn, high in the crown.  In some years, they just sort of turn yellowish before they drop, but this year it looks like they will go out with a blaze.

I’ll keep you posted.

Happy weekend, everyone!



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10 responses to “Fall Weekend.

  1. Beautiful shot – love the colors!

  2. I love the lights and shadows.

  3. I love your description of the tree.

  4. Pretty! There’s a yard in our neighborhood with two giant trees and not much else. They rake the dirt underneath, and lined the walk with ivy, and that’s it, and it’s the best yard in the neighborhood.

  5. One of the things I liked about my neighborhood when we moved in over 20 years ago was the trees. It’s an established development and the trees provided a shady area. In the last few years, more and more neighbors are taking down the trees and it’s warmer in the summer. I miss them.

  6. We had a honey locust tree in our front yard that provided the house with much-needed shade in the summer, but sadly we had to remove it. The roots were totally destroying our driveway and sidewalk, and we knew it wouldn’t be long before it got to the water main.

  7. Beautiful tree, Nora. I’m looking forward to seeing it turn color.

  8. Maples are one of my favorite trees in fall. I hope the orange blaze lasts a good while.

  9. oh beautiful. I want to lay down underneath it just stare for hours. I love it.

  10. Beautiful! You inspired me to get outside today.

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