I’m sorry, but I could not help myself.  I stumbled on this survey while surfing around for potential blog fodder, and I laughed myself silly imagining some of the responses my good friends would dream up – clearly this is meant for younger fry.  And no, I DO NOT expect anyone to respond to these 50ish questions for my or anyone else’s benefit (but hey, I’d read your answers if you did!)  I just got a kick out of the questions, and the fact that someone had enough time to dream them up. 

So, have a chuckle, and if you want, pick a few random ones to answer in the comments if the spirit moves you!  If I get enough of a collection of answers, perhaps I’ll post the questions again with some of the highlights!

My random answers appear below, in context.

1. Do you like dinosaurs? Why or why not? 

They’re OK grilled, with some barbecue sauce.

2. Are you one of those people who just can’t stand a scab and you have to scratch it off?

3. Do you shampoo your hair once or twice while taking a shower or bath?

4. Which do you take: shower or bath?

5. Which do you prefer and why?

6. Do aquariums amaze you?

7. What do you think of hunting and fishing?

8. Big dogs or small dogs and why?

9. Do you ever get one of those annoying itches that no matter how hard you scratch or bite it it will never go away until it wants to?

10. Do you fall asleep on your back, stomach or side?

11. It is known that if you fall asleep on your back or stomach, you will have the sensation that you’re falling while you’re dozing off to sleep.. have you seen that to be true?

12. If you had to get a tattoo, where would you get it and what would it be of?

13. Do you think you would be able to withstand the pain of that tattoo?

14. Do you like tattoo’s better on women or men.. or do you just hate them all together?

15. What is the longest survey you have ever taken?

This one, undoubtedly.

16. Do you have rubbing alcohol sitting on your computer desk at all times?

17. If not, name 3 things you do have sitting on your computer desk at all times. Do not say computer, speakers, mouse, etc.. that’s a dumbass answer…

18. Are you allowed to eat and/or drink at your computer?

I believe I am the boss of my computer behavior.

19. If you are or if you were able to in the past, have you ever dropped a cup of water or other type of beverage in your keyboard?

Pleading the fifth.

20. Did it completely ruin it?

21. Have you ever peed in your pants out in the snow in the dead of winter and it run down to your snow boots and freeze to form pee icicles?

22. Think of the last time you walked through a busy city or in the mall or some other shopping center.. who caught your attention and stood out the most to you and why?

23. Do people who dress in all black catch your attention?

24. Do you feel sorry for those kids who are on a leash at theme parks or something or do you have to laugh at them?

25. Were you ever put on a leash as a child?

No, but do they make those leashes in adult sizes?

26. If a guy has his ears pierced do you think it’s better with one in each ear or just one in one ear.. or none at all?

Depends on whether he’s a future beau of one of my children.  In that case, no extra holes anywhere, please.

27. Do you like sunflower seeds better in their shell or out of them?

28. What do those baked pumpkin seeds or whatever taste like?

29. Have you ever stuck a paperclip through one of your ear piercings or is your piercing not that big around?

30. Have you ever pierced anything on your body on your own? If so, where and why?

31. Hard candy or soft candy? Why?

32. Are you very opinionated?

Not at all.  Just ask me.

33. Do you like to tell people like it is or come at it in a round-about way?

34. Honesty is the best policy: true or false?

35. What movie is this song from: I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Aerosmith:

36. What is a noise that can always make you laugh or smile and why?

37. What is a noise that you cannot stand no matter what and why?

38. Fruits, meat or vegetables: which one is your favorite?

39. When you have a gift for someone, can you almost not wait until the holiday to give it to them or do you not wait at all and go ahead and give it.. or could you just not really care either way?

40. Are you more excited to give something or to recieve something?

41. Do you feel sorry for caged wild animals that have been bred and raised in captivity even though they’ve never seen the wild and would it would be like?

42. What about those endangered animals that are taken from their habitat and put into a reserve to help their population?

43. What are some items that you like to collect?

44. Out of your friends, which have you known for the longest and how long have you known them?

45. Are they the closest friend you have?

46. Out of your favorite hobbies, if you could choose one to do right now instead of taking this survey, what would it be?

Do you really have to ask?

47. Do you actually enjoy taking surveys or is it more of an addiction that you just can’t quit no matter how annoying it gets?

48. What is the most strangest thing you’ve ever put in your mouth as a child?

Who was your high school English teacher?

49. Do you have any instant messenger programs? If you do, what is your screen name(s)? If you don’t, why not?

50. Do you have any other survey xangas or a non-survey xanga? If so, what is the link?

51. Does your mother vaccuum 24/7 and at 6 in the morning?

Hey!  I resemble that remark!

52. If she does, does your mother have OCD?

Did one of my kids write this survey?

53. If you go fishing, do you bait your own hook or do you have to get someone else to do it?

54. Do you like to have family outings from time to time with more than just your immediate family to go eat somewhere?

55. Do you not just hate it whenever a dog licks you and they keep on after you hit or scream at them?

I should have added before, but neglected to:  this is a ridiculous question and why are you hitting and screaming at a poor dog? 


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Happy Thursday everyone!!



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12 responses to “Inexplicable.

  1. Holy crap. Who wrote this thing?

  2. #55… we need to find this person and turn them in.
    wtf? #21?!?!?!?
    Funny. Love your answer to #48.

  3. Hopefully whatever was spilled into the keyboard for question 19 wasn’t “a fifth”. What a waste of good booze that would be.

    The shower/bath questions remind me of another question – when you shower, do you start washing with your torso or your arms? Someone once told me that men almost always start with their arms, and women almost always start with their torso. It was true of all the people I asked at the time.

  4. 21. WTF? (Oh, I see Marianne had the same answer)
    55. I don’t hit my dogs for licking.
    56. Do you believe that people who can’t demonstrate basic literacy should be banned from the Internet? Why, yes I do, thank you for asking.
    (I kept waiting for a “Do you like me? check yes or no”)

  5. You guys all know I am just reporting the news here, not making it, right?

  6. I always learn something new when I come here. Today I learned that I’m a freak who washes her arms first in the shower.


  7. Between arms and torso, I wash the arms first. But that’s not the very first thing I wash.


  8. Yup, Nora, we just want you to edit the quiz with our questions. (If we thought it was you, the intervention would already have started. 🙂
    And yeah, I start with my arms.

  9. And I’m another arm starter. Well, really I start at the top with the hair and shampoo then go with the soap to the arms. Yup, tmi. Just where were you surfing to find this survey, Nora? 😀

  10. 2. Are you one of those people who just can’t stand a scab and you have to scratch it off?
    – Only the ones on other people

    16. Do you have rubbing alcohol sitting on your computer desk at all times?
    – Why on earth would you keep rubbing alcohol on your computer desk???

    29. Have you ever stuck a paperclip through one of your ear piercings or is your piercing not that big around?
    – Yes. It was the 80’s, my boyfriend convinced me it was cool. I used the rubbing alcohol on his desk to sterilize it first, of course.

    41. Do you feel sorry for caged wild animals that have been bred and raised in captivity even though they’ve never seen the wild and would it would be like?
    – Every time I step into my cubicle.

  11. Arms here first too…. we’re all a bunch of freaks.
    …Karen, Karen….. your #41..oh and your #2…

  12. What does it say about me that I’m ready to answer a good 95% of those questions?
    #4 (aquariums)Totally! At least the public ones.
    #8 (dog sizes) Big. So many of the small ones have been, effectively, engineered until their natural dogness is gone and they’re a bit nutso. I hate yappy. You want a lap dog? get a cat.
    #16-17 No rubbing alcohol. Yarn, pen or pencil, phone cradle (the phone is often missing tho).
    #24 (leashes) No. I think their parents are being responsible. I just resent that I can’t still use them on my 13 yo.
    #26. (earrings on men) One. One in one is sexy.
    #37. (noise that never fails to offend) whining

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