Training on Tuesday?? Well…

Today’s 10 on Tuesday is 10 Events That Should Be in the Olympics.  Really, I can’t resist… and it does have sort of an athletic theme…  The problem is, I can’t get to 10 in the time I have today, so if anyone wants to help me out, please chime in in the comments!!!

1.  Cell phone biathlon, consisting of talking on a cell phone while doing any number of co-activities – driving, riding a bike, sitting in a meeting, having a tooth filled – really, this could be quite a feat, don’t you think?  With points for both difficulty and the level of irritation inflicted on others…

2.  A Business Speakathon.  Who can cram in the most useless, cringe-inducing, ridiculous verbiage in one paragraph without drawing breath?  Extra points if you’re wearing cufflinks.

3.  Working parent relay.  Moms and dads compete against other couples in such events as making dinner and shoveling it into kids while making sure they have their homework done and their stuff together for whatever activity they are shuffling off to next, with style points for having the kids in clean clothing with combed hair.

4.  On-line shopping meet, with heats for shoes, jewelry, and of course fiber.  The top seeds have the highest credit limits…

OK, I can’t do any more now – let loose, my friends!  And happy Tuesday (don’t forget to get some exercise!)



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11 responses to “Training on Tuesday?? Well…

  1. Beth

    OK, I am afraid nobody but Chris will find this funny but here goes. Your young German Shepherd has had problems with his, well, glands around his derriere (I am really trying to be delicate Nora). And he had to have them lanced, which is awful. So I spend a great deal of time holding hot compresses on a dog’s butt. Last night I raced to put on dinner (mushroom and chicken risotto) and then, while my husband, was eating, was sitting on the floor by him holding a hot cloth on the dog’s butt. He, for his part, was eating with one hand and holding the collar of the patient with the other. How’d I do?

  2. Beth

    Make that “our” young German Shepherd. Sorry.

  3. 😀 Beth WINS! I hope her dog is feeling better.

  4. I thought this would be too hard to come up with a list so I passed.

  5. The driving in L.A. event… how many things, such as reading, shaving, doing makeup, getting dressed can you do while alternately driving at 70 m.p.h and bumper to bumper slow downs? Points given for difficulty and how many people you don’t kill.

  6. This is the type of sport I stay as far away from as possible!

  7. How about a 5:00 appointment 30 minutes away with only 20 minutes to get there through rush hour traffic? Or, wrestling a 125 lb. dog to give him a bath in the yard when he thinks the hose is a snake and fun? I’m so ready for your Olympics.

  8. Oh mercy, Beth definitely wins…. **whump**

  9. Beth

    I am humbled by your votes. And, just so you know, tonight will be an encore performance.

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