No Place Like Home.

Dorothy had it right with those ruby slippers – no matter what crazy stuff lies over the rainbow, it’s always so good to be back in your own digs.

My unusual posting patterns during the past week were occasioned by a family vacation to the lovely and scenic state of California.  Since my house was sitting here defenseless (but for the watchful eye of our neighbor), I thought I’d wait to tell you about it until our return.  (You never know what creeps might be out there looking for this sort of thing – sorta like the creeps who check out the obits so they can rip off houses during funerals.)

We had much Family Business to attend to during the trip, which included sojourns in the OC (Laguna Niguel, to be exact) and the East Bay, with side trips to Napa, Mill Valley, Tiburon, and San Francisco.  We saw all the rellies, some of whom hosted us incredibly generously.  Because of the press of family obligations, meetings with my California Knit Sisters were unfortunately not possible – but we’re hanging our hats on Wisconsin Sheep and Wool for that (right Stace?).  Plus, given the number of relatives who live on the Left Coast, this was hardly our first trip there and will certainly not be our last. 

So, please indulge while I share a few trip highlights with you…  The Wizard of Oz reference at the top is not just random – we saw a house in Laguna Beach where L. Frank Baum lived.  One wonders what the drug culture was there at the time – the place had its beginnings as an artist’s colony, after all, but whatever the sensibilities of the time, certainly Baum could not have imagined the Land of Oz stone cold sober!

It is a place that inspires, though.  The surf alone is powerfully beautiful.

OC Surf by you.

The tide pools are little worlds unto themselves.

Tide Pools by you.

See the anenomes?

Anenomes by you.

We chanced upon the Montage Resort, dressed up for a wedding party.

Montage by you.

A few seconds after I took this shot, the bride and groom walked down the path looking quite stunning.  I was not vulgar enough to take their photo, even for you!

After a drive north up the hot, hot Central Valley, we took on the greater Bay Area.  Our adventures included hiking on Mt. Tamalpais, where we scaled the East Peak and saw this:

View Mt Tam by you.

Later in the week, we ferried to Angel Island, where we hiked to the top for more spectacular views.  This is Tiburon, from whence we came.

Tiburon by you.

Of course we had to spend a day in San Francisco, where we did lots more vertical hiking, this time in the urban environment.  China Town always feels like a foreign country to me.

China Town Alley by you.

We ventured into a fortune cookie factory, where it cost 50 cents to take a photo of the proceedings (I declined) and smelled heavenly. 

We also hiked up to Coit Tower – something I’ve never done in countless times in the city.   And of course we had to visit the sea lions on the wharf.  It’s always a riot to watch them vie for position on the rafts.

King of the Raft by you.

In all, a fabulous trip, full of family and fun. 

But now, I’m thrilled to be home.  After lots of unpacking and laundry, I’m looking forward to checking out what’s new in the garden and cooking something familiar for dinner.

Heart SFO by you.

Have a great day, everyone!



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14 responses to “No Place Like Home.

  1. knitwonpurltoo

    Welcome home and thanks for the travelogue!~

  2. Yes, we will indeed meet one day. 😀 I do love the way you weave* your stories. What’s the story behind the heart? Are they all over like those painted cow things or was this a one off? Good to have you back.

    (*Weave… oooh… now there’s a thought… have you ever considered trying your hand at weaving? Perhaps Angie and I can show you the joys of it at sheep and wool. muwahhahaha)

  3. What a great trip! 50 cents to take a picture? Yikes.

  4. That trip looks like big fun!
    Do people really do that obituary thing?

  5. Love your photos. Sounds like a great trip.

  6. I love every one of your photos! I have heard of this land called California but have yet to see it myself! 😀
    50 cents to take a photo! PFFT! I would have wished for a camera phone to secretly take a pic. That’s the greediest thing I have ever heard!
    There is indeed no place like home, though. xo

  7. I’m so glad you had a good time, Nora. I wish I could have made it over to wander the City with you. I haven’t been in ages. Hopefully, next time.

  8. Man, you were so close to me! I’d have loved to meet up, but I do understand about the press of family obligations. Another time, maybe. You do take lovely pics, you have made our state look gorgeous.

    I understand about the cookie factory and that you didn’t want to pay for the photos, but I don’t think they’re greedy — those ladies are making and living on so little money as it is. An interesting place, Chinatown, definitely.

  9. Wouldn’t that be The Heart you left behind in SF?
    Welcome home, Nora, so glad to hear and see you had such a fine holiday!

  10. Welcome home, Nora! That sounds like a wonderful trip.

  11. Joy

    Welcome home – love the photos!

  12. Looks like a lovely trip – thanks for sharing! ;o)

  13. Welcome back! Wonderful pictures!

  14. Isn’t home wonderful!/??

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