Catching Up

As previously noted, it feels like I’ve been hurtling through the summer at warp speed with no time to stop and smell the pretty flowers.  Good thing I’ve photographed some – I’ll bet those photos will come in handy when I’m huddled in front of the fire with a blanket and a hot drink in a few months!

I find myself with a few glorious days off to celebrate the holiday weekend, and I can take a breath and attend to a few Important Matters.

First, I, too, was hit by The Evil Stacey earlier this week.

Adorable stitch markers (one bearing my favorite slogan), a hand made card, and hollyhock seeds!  Go over and see Stacey if you don’t already know her.  Yesterday she demonstrated how to get a chicken falling-down drunk in the spirit of our beer can chicken throwdown.  Much more amusing than my pedantic treatment of the topic.

Next, you may be relieved to know that I finished that blasted purple sock footie I was knitting on the bus.  I believe I have dubbed this an official Training Sock, in that I will not be knitting its companion.  It was a very useful exercise, in that I learned the toe-up method with short row toes and heels, and I did execute the picot bindoff last night.  This bindoff also required me to learn the cable cast-on.  It’s a bit fiddly, but it does look cute.  One rather vexing problem:  This bindoff curls like a sonofagun.  Using it with stockinette might not be the best idea.  I’m not showing photos until I block to see if I can get it to lie flat.  If not, I’ll leave it to your imaginations.

BTW, have you checked out Cookie’s short row tutorial?  All you need to know about short rows, with her trademark Cookie-ness as an added bonus!   And look at the cute button, designed by her Art Department:

Finally, since this post is clearly dedicated to my friends on the Left Coast, I really need you to go look at this video about the new Hands Free law in California before you come back to amuse me with your witty commentary.   It’s hysterical by any measure, but you’ll understand why it’s so near and dear to my heart very quickly.  (We have my DH to thank for bringing this to my attention.)

Happy Thursday everyone!!



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8 responses to “Catching Up

  1. Very Funny! I just sent my California cop brother a link to it.

    I have a feeling this summer will be over before we know it. Enjoy your time off!

  2. The sad thing is, they really do all of that. I’ve seen it. And don’t forget most are doing it with either a suspended license or no insurance. o.O

    This is why I LOVE California. Enjoy your long weekend. Any special plans for it?

  3. That is just the best! Enjoy the holiday!

  4. We are not known for our driving skills here in California. I know this may come as a shock.

    Thanks for the plug, Nora.

    Happy Long Weekend!

  5. hey, I can get behind a lot of that… except the newspaper reading. You just can’t see the road behind a newspaper.


    ow! my tounge poked right THROUGH my cheek.

  6. Oh my gosh. That is the best video. Loved the knitting. Isn’t that what we knitters do while driving? Glad you have some extra time off to enjoy the holiday! Have a great one.

  7. I couldn’t do any of that stuff while driving…. but loved the video!
    Have a great holiday, Nora!

  8. LOL!! Loved the video. That guy just might be related to my pastor Dan Grieder (formerly of CA.) I got the biggest kick out of his knitting. Don’t we all do that?

    Great stitch markers.

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