Another Flawless Saturday Sky

Can you believe this is the sky from whence this mess came?  Today, it’s sunny, dry, and lovely, with an expected high in the 80s. 

Oh, and Sandy?  This is for you!  Hope you can find a blog repair person who doesn’t charge extra on weekends!

Happy Saturday, everyone!



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7 responses to “Another Flawless Saturday Sky

  1. OH! Now THAT Is a gorgeous sky! That color blue is what it’s about. You can see what the crayola people see when they named their crayon SKY BLUE.
    My kingdom for a blog genius.
    (And, you wordpress person, why did this show up in my comments? Do you know?) (see? Blog ignorance)

  2. I know! I know! Nora did a trackback to your post. 😀 Pssst… pass it on!

    Happy Saturday Nora! Thanks for the blue sky.

  3. Beautiful blue sky!
    Bloglines didn’t pick you up today… at least whatever feed I sub to… wtf?

  4. Beautiful sky.

    I agree, bloglines is getting lazy lately and downright rude to some.

  5. knitwonpurltoo

    Isn’t it a beautiful day? I’m so glad you’re getting it, too! Thanks for the pix. Oshkosh? Delafield? WOW!

  6. Why weren’t you at the WWKIP down at McKinnely Boat house? Tsktsk. It was gorgeous down at the lake this morning. 🙂

    As for now..ah yes..thunder, rain, lightening. 😛

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