Lakewatch, Spring Morning Edition.

Here’s the view from nearby Atwater Park – another steep bluff leading down to beach front.  It was even more lovely in person, with the sun warming the morning air and lots of birds in attendance.  I could have stayed all day.

TGIF – Have a great day, everyone!



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7 responses to “Lakewatch, Spring Morning Edition.

  1. TGIF! Lovely views.

  2. Glorious view. The Lake looks so blue and inviting even though it’s about, what? 36 or 40? Have a fabulous fantastic weekend!

  3. It is lovely. So very blue! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sigh…isn’t it wonderful when the sky and water are the same beautiful blue?

  5. That water just goes on forever! Loving your blues!

  6. Lovely, I just listened to Science Friday on NPR and they were talking about the Great Lakes Compact. It was broadcast from Milwaukee and every time they mentioned your lake, I had these wonderful pictures to refer to.

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