Welcome to the Weekend!

The Queen of Craptastic Photography (that would be me) somehow managed to capture this shot on the way to an appointment yesterday. 

Yes, I have gone over the edge I swore was too far for me – I was carrying a camera in my purse, “just in case.”  And sometime in the next few days, I’ll show you a serious “just in case” moment – I’m talking surreal, my friends!  (At least, I think it really did happen…)  But today, just because yesterday was warm and lovely when it wasn’t storming like the Wrath of God, and today it’s windy and gray, I’m sticking to the pretty flowers.

This window is one of several matching ones on the side of a beautiful historic bank building in our city’s downtown area.  Each window’s planter is charmingly planted with spring flowers.  Yesterday, conditions were apparently just right for me to capture the planter, the window, the window’s reflection of the buildings behind, and one of the light fixtures inside the building.  All without getting myself into the shot, because I was shooting up at an angle – the bottom of the planter is about at face level.

Don’t worry, I’ll revert to my usual blurry and badly lighted stuff next time – this was a lucky fluke.

Have a great day everyone!




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8 responses to “Welcome to the Weekend!

  1. heh…dude, that is one fabulous photo!

  2. What a great shot!
    I’m happy to carry my camera around… I do it a lot thinking that there will be something blogworthy. some day, I’ll find a shot like that to share.


  3. Beautiful springlike picture! OMG! You are not only a knitter… but an honest to goodness blogging addict.

  4. I don’t know what I need more, a new computer or a nice tiny but good camera.
    Very pretty shot.

  5. Wow, great photo! Are you sure you were in Milwaukee? *g* BTW, what’s wrong with carrying a camera in your purse? 😉

  6. Oh, BRAVO, Nora! That is a great shot! I especially love the reflection! that is hard to accomplish!

  7. I especially love the lights like a crown above the flowers! and the building reflection. Bravo!

    Good blogger reflexes, having the camera! I saw multiple turkeys on the way back from Neenah today and didn’t have the camera handy for a one (had it, just not in time at 60 mph; and no, I wasn’t driving this time).

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