KAL: Reflections on The First Five Repeats


(Before I get to that, though, have you seen thisStacey originally linked to it to show us the Epic Sock Yarn Stash – and I’ll admit I’ve never seen anything like it.  But I loved the Wall of Crocs even more!  I wonder if she’s a size 7…)

Why am I reflecting upon the First Five Repeats of Forest Canopy?

Because moving beyond them has been quite a challenge.  The photo does show progress beyond that point, but not much.

For those knitting along, or for those who are just waving from the sidelines and enjoy a good cautionary tale, here are the truths I have picked up in the few days since casting on for FC:

1.  Use. Lifelines.  I have already relied on the first one I placed (after row 2 of the third repeat).

2.  If you’re feeling like a smarty and think you don’t need to put in your next lifeline quite so soon, put it in anyway.

3.  The above truths are directly related to the third truth:  Knowing how to follow the pattern and knit the stitches does not cure one of Knitting ADD.

4.  Neither does a glass of cabernet, however welcome and delicious.

5.  Being able to see where you have made a mistake is a good thing – being able to rip back to the row where the mistake was made without a lifeline – priceless.  I did it last night, when I realized I forgot a psso (see Knitting ADD).  I held my breath for a good long time, too.  Somehow I managed not to pass out.

Having said all of that, and in spite of my early ambivalence, this really is a great pattern for my neophyte purposes.  It’s very easy to see where you are, and better yet, where you are actually supposed to be when you have botched something.  I’m using the chart, so I have already learned a very useful skill.  And I finally understand how the triangular shawl takes shape from those first five stitches.   I still think it’s magic, rather than engineering, but I see it nonetheless.

For the curious, I’m using my Knitpicks Essential Sock Yarn in Meadow.  It’s OK if you think it looks like something the dog barfed up – I like it, and the colors will “go” with my stuff.  Size 6 Options circulars.  Two lifelines inserted so far – one is indeed pink, so you’re not seeing things.  The other is dental floss. 

Do those of you who use lifelines generally pull out the previously-inserted one/s after you put in a new one?  Or is it better to leave well enough alone until it’s all done?

How’s it going for ya’ll??  Confessions?  Rants?  Advice?  Happy dances??    

(We’ll aim for an update post every Monday-ish, since weekends are a good time for me to get some knitting done and get photos.  But we’ll break that rule sometimes, because you know me by now.)



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15 responses to “KAL: Reflections on The First Five Repeats

  1. I love your colorway. Sometimes bold makes the lace pop. I will admit to a bit of a problem with the pink (until I read that it was a lifeline, doh). I do not use a lifeline. I never have. I’m too impatient. I watch the pattern as I go and after you’ve knit enough lace, you get a “feel” for the pattern. I also will tell you I have ripped more than a little lace in my time. P.S. It’s really hard to rip Kidsilk Haze. I don’t recommend it.

  2. Amy

    I started mine last night! First knitting I’ve done in two weeks! Woot!

  3. Very good Truths to know… #3 and #4, indeed, #5 had me on my knees :^)

    Well on your way!

  4. Awesome! Just awesome! It looks wonderful. I love the magic too. 😀
    When I use lifelines, (don’t hate me, I’m not using them on this – hate Cookie, she never uses them) I always have two in. When I put in a third, the first one gets pulled.
    Oh and I’ve just discovered crocs. I like the bobo type sneakers with no backs for the summer and it appears those are out of style, so I was forced to try a pair of crocs. I’m up to 3. /sigh

  5. Is it just me or is the evil Stacey just full of news this morning? She’s right… I don’t use lifelines. I don’t quite understand them. Thankfully, I can read my knitting, so it’s okay.

    You’re doing so well, Nora! I’m glad that the pink is a lifeline and not some random weirdness in your lace.

    People actually wear crocs? I always thought that was some kind of a joke.

  6. My son loves his crocs so much I’m starting to maybe perhaps think about leaning toward maybe trying some on.
    And also, I dunno if you’re doing it this way, but if you string a line of dental floss through the hole in your knitpicks option (the one you use with the pin to tighten the tip on) and knit away normally, the lifeline of dental floss strings itself.

  7. I’ll knit with you, Nora! It’s just the motivation I need to (finally) work on, and hopefully finish, my Mystery Stole 3. Though it isn’t much of a mystery anymore…

  8. I’m with Cookie on the Crocs, the thought of them makes my feet sweat. And I don’t use lifelines (but probably should). And you’ve never really seen dog barf have you? I love your FC and plan to start mine tonight.

  9. Lace knitter.
    I (in my extremely limited lace knitting) use markers between each repeat. I know the know it alls say not to. Pffft to them! haha. seriously. I use them. I need them.
    Hmm. I wonder if I have any yarn suitable….
    SEE? See what you are doing to me???

  10. I agree with Joan. Dog barf is definitely different than your yarn. Your yarn is lovely.

    I finished the lace set up last night and I’ll start the main body tonight if I’m lucky. I like the well-written pattern and I am in love with my yarn. All good. 😀

  11. You know, everyone calls me evil, but can we all remember who instigated this? Joan and Cookie. Look at all the people they’ve sucked into this little adventure. 😀

  12. I’m not using lifelines on the Shetland Triangle I’m knitting right now, but I do use them. I use unwaxed dental floss (don’t ask me how I learned not to use waxed d.f.), and I leave in two at a time. I can usually (knock wood) tell if I’ve made a mistake but the time I finish a repeat of most patterns.

    Your lace is lovely!

  13. Took me a few days to realise that it doesn’t require laceweight yarn which I already ordered but that will come in for a another project.

    Realisation over I made a start and have managed the first 16 rows of the basic start. Piccies to follow on my blog later.

    I will definitely be inserting a lifeline or two or maybe even three or four.

  14. Truth #4 is my biggest one. I just seem to love my evening glass…even though it doesn’t love my knitting. I’ve knitted a gob of lace & never used a lifeline. Course never heard of one til recent blogging. I’ve gone frogging & Suri dream does not rip. Trust me. Blue Sky Baby Alpaca gets re-e-eally fuzzy. Elizabeth Lavold’s Hempathy is easy to rip. Hmmm. Mayhap I do need to consider a lifeline’s wonderous uses.

    Love the color of your shawl (even the pink line ;0)

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