…Still Going…

76.  I highly doubt there are 24 more things about me worth telling you.

77.  But I’ll soldier on.

78.  I sleep in socks every night, summer and winter.

79.  I have been known to feel cold when it’s 90 degrees in the shade.

80.  Even so, I hate hot, humid weather.

81.  At least when it’s cold outside, no one questions my wearing a sweater.

82.  I have never been to Arkansas, Delaware, Utah, Montana, or New Hampshire. 

83.  I’m certain there are other states I have not visited, and I’m not sure that states in which my only “visit” has been to an airport count. 

84.  Cities I feel fairly at home in include Washington D.C. and San Francisco.  I never totally got the hang of New York City, but if I started out at Grand Central I was OK.

85.  I have spent two solid weeks in Philadelphia, and I never saw the Liberty Bell or ate a cheese steak.

86.  The most obscure place I ever visited is Jay, Oklahoma, followed by a little blip in Nebraska that escapes me now.

87.  I don’t have to travel much for business anymore, and I’m very glad about that.

88.  I like small towns, but I don’t think I would want to live in one again.

89.  If you can buy cilantro and non-iceberg lettuce at the grocery store, the town might not be too small.

90.  When I was in high school, I wanted to be a pharmacist.

91.  Then I changed my mind and wanted to be a journalist. 

92.  I decided I didn’t want to be a journalist when I realized that people didn’t necessarily like to talk to reporters.

93.  Funny thing is, I wound up taking hundreds of depositions in my life as a litigator.

94.  People really don’t like to talk to lawyers, either, but when they are under subpoena, they don’t have a choice.  Heh heh.

95.  I don’t take depositions anymore, but sometimes I employ the same questioning techniques in everyday conversation.

96.  This tends to make people avoid me.

97.  I routinely kill houseplants by merely co-existing with them.

98.  I can grow things outdoors, although I admit that I sometimes forget that watering thing… luckily the Jef is a very good gardener.

99.  I almost always write with a red pen.

100.  If #99 wasn’t anticlimactic, I don’t know what is.

Whew!!!  Done!  I have no idea what I’ll do on Thursdays from now on…  but thanks for sticking with me.



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4 responses to “…Still Going…

  1. I had a little giggle about Jay, Ok…… wtf were you doing there? :6)
    I’ve had more than a couple of people tell me I would’ve made a good lawyer… ?????… this just from having a conversation with them… beats me.

    A red pen, eh?

    I enjoyed your ‘100 things’.

  2. #95 is a good parenting skill, yes?

    Well done, you! How about random photo Thursday? Or Question Thursday? Yeah, I got nothing, but you knew that. ♥

  3. 79 and 80… you should come live in the Mojave Desert with me. 😀 I wear socks all the time… of course that’s because of a little thing I have about feet.

    Love Thursday? (Margene started it a while ago) or my favorite go to when I really have nothing else: thedailymeme dot com

  4. Ah, the teacher complex! # 99! 😀 I have enjoyed your 100 things and “getting to know” you~ It’s a bit like gazing into windows from the street (not in a peeping tom way, that would be creepy).
    Never mind.

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