100 Things … Still Going …

(Aren’t you guys getting tired of this?  I don’t think I’m that interesting…)

61.  I wear a lot of black, because it’s easy.

62.  I also like brown.  And black and brown together.

63.  However, I am extremely attracted to pretty colors – especially very saturated, vibrant colors.  I just feel funny wearing them.

64.  I’m not sure I could pick a “favorite” color because I’m drawn to so many, and I love colors in combination.

65.  In spite of all of the above, in my home, I favor dark greens, plums, wines, and golds.  I find them comforting.

66.  In home furnishings, I’m of the “garage sale” school.  We have an extremely eclectic bunch of furniture – heirlooms, Ikea, things we picked up over the years from “real” furniture stores, hand-me-downs, and even a little table that we snared from the side of the road when someone was going to throw it out.  It’s my bedside table, and the broken foot doesn’t show unless you walk around to the other side of the bed!

67.  My favorite piece is a “piano top” desk that belonged to my grandfather.  It was a law school graduation gift from my parents.  It looks like a little spinet piano when you fold down the cover.  Open, it’s a secretary with pigeonholes and little drawers.  It is my prized possession.

68.  My second favorite piece is our oak kitchen table/island/cabinet that I commissioned from a cabinetmaker friend.  We designed it together, and he did a beautiful job on it.  Our kitchen is very small, and this piece fits perfectly, and is as useful as it is lovely.

69.  In sum, nothing in our house “matches.” 

70.  I love it anyway.

71.  I have no interest in owning a luxury car.

72.  All I care about is that my car starts, runs, and doesn’t draw attention to itself.

73.  I’m also not into designer clothing.

74.  I never buy clothing at full price.  Ever.

75.  All of the above makes me “quirky” to people who like me, and very likely “weird” to people who don’t. 

I’ll stop there for today.  Knitting progress and other shenanigans coming up Friday!




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5 responses to “100 Things … Still Going …

  1. el Jefe

    I’m not sure that you can take credit for #74 as you had to be schooled that everything eventually goes on sale.

  2. ok, what does it say that I think you’re normal. My kind of person. Are we related? :^D

  3. The only thing I still remember from my first accounting classes is that you never pay full price.

    You can knit colors and wear neutrals. Then you don’t have to worry if your lace goes or not because it always does. Works for me almost daily. ;^)

  4. They say I’m cheap…I call it frugal. 😀 I’m usually a neutral with slaps of color… until this winter. For some reason, all of the colors I’ve been playing with in shawls have morphed into tops.

    Always. Always. Dark.Pants.

  5. I’m wearing black and brown right now. 😀

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