WT??? Wednesday, Indeed!

I’ve got some posts in the queue, but nothing feels quite like the right statement for today.  So you get randomness.

1.  Nearly every day, someone hits this blog with the search phrase “being a lawyer sucks.”  (OK, now I just ensured, by typing those words, that I come up first the next some someone searches with that phrase.)  I wonder, is someone out there yanking my chain??  We’ve discussed, ad nauseum, that this is not my philosophy.  So knock it off!

2.  I’m tired of snow.  I’m tired of ice.  I’m tired of salt stains on my shoes.  Sigh.

3.  Knitting in public leads to some funny conversations.   I was knitting in the doctor’s office the other day, as I waited.

     Doc, entering room:  Oh, you’re knitting.  Wait, is that knitting?

     Me:  Yep, I’m knitting.

     Doc (who is a woman of my age):  Huh.  How do you do that?

     Me:  I don’t know, but I think it’s easier than, say, surgery.

     Doc:  (Laughs.)  I’ll be back in just a few minutes.

      Doc (returning after about 30 minutes – not her fault – lots of weird stuff going on, most of which I could overhear, HIPAA be damned).  I’m so sorry about that.   Thank God you’re not finished with that thing yet.

     Yeah, you probably had to be there, but it struck me funny.

4.  Stacey mentioned the other day that she’s got anchovies in her pantry, but no cocoa.  I replied that I have capers, but no mayonnaise.  Angie chimed in that she had all of the above…  so how about you think of one weird thing you have on hand, and one common thing you don’t have? 

5.  Someone I know recently made some potato gnocchi and sent me tempting photos.  I’m urging a guest blog post.  Don’t you all want to see?

That’s all I’ve got.



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7 responses to “WT??? Wednesday, Indeed!

  1. That’s like a bizarro version of the scene in the movie Friday, where Chris Tucker says to Ice Cube “you’ve got KoolAid but no sugar, you’ve got peanut butter but no jelly…don’t you people have anything that goes together?” or something like that.

    I have red lentils but no bread.

  2. YF Chris

    I don’t suppose “I have dry dog food but no wet dog food” qualifies. . .?

  3. May I play again?

    I have wasabi paste but no rice.

    Seriously. Who doesn’t have rice? I wanted to make rice pudding today. (Comfort food for an icky day)

  4. knitbob

    i made barbecued country style ribs the other day. i didn’t have barbecue sauce but i had apple cider vinegar and soy sauce to make my own with. no bbq sauce may not sound that strange, but i am in TEXAS. it’s a staple here.

  5. I have pickling salt and no olive oil.

    People are sending you food porn?! That’s just wrong.

  6. I have white tailed deer venison but no margarine.

    I would LOVE to see the gnocchi recipe and hints for making them tender.

  7. I have Nutella but I don’t know how weird that is. I just found out that my mother, a woman of the world, has never had Nutella, so maybe it is weird. OK, I have Nutella but no milk. (Soon to be rectified, one hopes.)
    (P.S. Nutella is AWESOME. And I love gnocchi.) You are getting really random comments for your random Wednesday here.

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