Things To Do When the Malls Are Closed, Part II.

I know this may surprise you, but it also occurred to me to knit something when we were socked in by the Storm of the Century (so far) the other day.   Hmm.  What to work on?

I didn’t feel like messing with the current bag-in-progress.  Too boring – I needed something to occupy my mind so I wouldn’t get sucked into daytime TV.  No good can come of that.  Cookie, in her infinite naggy-ness  wisdom and kindness, had sent me this pattern for a bracing toe-up, magic loop sock knitting challenge (for me, anyway).   I didn’t have the right size circular needles, and I admit all that wrapping and turning made me feel sorta like I was reading an abstract from a physics journal (the brain does atrophy in the cold and snow).  I loved the cable pattern, though, so, on the theory that the worst that could happen was a little swearing, I started this:

brown sock 001

I decided to go top-down, since I’m an expert at that (cough), using the ribbing and cable pattern from the Traveler socks.  By golly, it’s working, and now that I’m not totally cowed by the whole heel/gusset mystery, I’m actually getting a pretty good feel for the basic engineering of socks by essentially pulling this out of my behind while also making those incredibly fun little cables!

I did two more cable repeats and started the heel flap last night, so we’ll see if it all works out. 

This is just plain ol’ Paton’s Classic Merino, of which I have a metric ton.  And yes, they are BROWN, and they are intended for moi.  I wear a lot of brown.  I’ll admit that hot pink would make a more exciting photo, but when I thought about what I’d actually get more wear out of…  brown won.  (When I finally work up the guts to try a sweater, I promise it won’t be brown or black.)

Here ends the saga of a day without malls.  I wouldn’t mind another one soon – minus the shoveling!



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2 responses to “Things To Do When the Malls Are Closed, Part II.

  1. I LIKE brown, there are so many lovely browns out there but hey, I LOVE brown…brown gets a bad rap, don’t you think? You’d find me in brown sooner than hot pink, although a nice soft pinky brown is Nice…
    By George, I do believe you’ve gotten the hang of socks! That’s really pretty.
    I hope you get another mall-less day soon, sans shoveling of course.

  2. I am so sorry, sweetie. I forgot the magic loop part. I just ignored that bit and knit those socks with dpns.

    I’m so proud of you for making that pattern your own. Maybe you can do pink and brown socks next. ;^)

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