Monday Musings

Thanks to all who stopped in over the weekend.   Everyone must have been glued to their monitors due to inclement weather. 

Norma posted quite eloquently today about writing, the inadvertent use of words that could offend, and the possibilities of drama (of the not fun kind) that can crop up in Blogistan in these long months of January and February.  It’s a timely discussion.  I have to admit that this writing for public consumption thing makes me jumpy, even though I have always wanted to do it.   Blogging is different from journalistic writing, for many reasons.  A primary difference is that there are no rules.  I can say whatever I want.  That freedom confers a certain amount of responsibility.  I’m not in this for a free pulpit, or to be provocative, or to attain infamy.  I simply like to write, and after decades of journaling and letter writing and prolific e-mailing I found a way to scratch the itch more fully. 

I’m loving it, but… the goblins do creep in.  Is my blogging a form of narcissism?  Am I offending anyone?  What do my friends think?  What am I thinking??? 

To be quite honest, there are certain people I don’t and wouldn’t let in on this little hobby of mine.  They wouldn’t get it.  It isn’t necessary that they get it.  I’m pretty certain that at least one person I invited to click in early on has dumped me on my behind.  I guess she finally found out I’m really not as smart as she thought I was.   It was bound to happen, I suppose.

‘Nuff said about that.  On the knitting front, I frogged the Demon Sock a third time, and with the help of my friends, I finally got past the ribbing with only two dropped (but saved) stitches.  I was too lazy to go out and buy bamboo, and too dumb to figure out magic loop (I’m going to look into that when my brain thaws), but by golly I used the little Idiot End Stoppers and they are working for me.  My RH, who is on her second sock and is therefore an expert in my eyes,  found a wonderful book at the library that provides patterns for any combination of yarn and needles you happen to have sitting around.  I take great umbrage at the fact that I could have tried my first sock experiment using my 10.5 DPNs and bulky yarn, and made it to the heel turn in an hour or so, instead of knitting dental floss on toothpicks.  Those rows of tiny stockinette do look cool, but at the rate this is going I won’t get to my first attempt to turn a heel until Valentine’s Day. 

Oh, well.  At least that will give me something to write about. 



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4 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Basically I read blogs for what comes from the heart and soul of the blogger, I may not comment every single post (you are quite prolific) but I do read and enjoy every single post you put out here..
    Oh no, seriously, 10.5 dpns… makes my hands cramp up even thinking about it… I have made bags,hats using those big honkers and owie…..
    You might try using a US 4 or 5, with worsted weight wool, just to get the hang of it(sock), the plus side of that is you have a pair of wonderfully warm bootsocks! They’d knit up really fast!

  2. YF Chris

    For us non-knitters, the jargon of knitters seems both quite colorful and mysterious: Ribbing? (I thought that meant “to kid around”). Frogging? (Pretty much ditto, as in “I was frogging around so much I didn’t get my work done. . .”). Magic loop? (Something you find yourself in when you’re either way overtired or have done mushrooms.) Idiot stoppers? (Please — give me one to use here at work!)
    Who knew that the lexicon of knitting would be so thought-provoking!

  3. You know people who don’t knit? And let them read your blog? ;^)

    US 7 dpns, worsted weight yarn and that tutorial I sent you. Great first socks because they are fast. Sock yarn is great once you’ve made a pair of house socks and are willing to knit for a while before getting to a heel.

  4. YF Chris has me in hysterics. and here we thought the other ‘ribbing’ was for ‘her pleasure’!

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