The gods will smack me down if I don’t say something positive pretty soon.


Let’s see.  I think I’ve grown a bit rusty at the happy talk during my recent streak of cynicism toward all humanity.

Here’s one thing.  Word of my knitting behavior got out at work (via the hat I made, which made its way to the lovely salt-and-pepper head of my good friend, who actually WEARS the hat, a miracle in and of itself): 


Suddenly kindred knitting souls materialized from the corporate woodwork.  So now I’ve got this little clutch of people whose eyes light up like the Fourth o’ July when they hear “Noro” or “DPNs.”  I even got a nifty baby hat pattern from one of them yesterday – which I will try when I procure the correct (teensy) circular needle size.   (This lovely soul knits the hats by the dozen for one of our local hospitals.  Cool.)

Oh, and the friend?  The one who wears the hat?  She likes it so much wants me to knit other stuff for her, when I feel like it.  As in, she’ll supply the materials, I’ll knit, she’ll wear, and we’ll all be happy.  (She likes gourmet yarn, too, so this is my chance to get the hell out of Michael’s and be one of the cool kids.)

Now, if I could just stay awake in the evenings long enough to knit a row or two, I’d be set.  I hope to show some progress on the teal bag over the weekend, and perhaps start something else to show ya’ll.   RF and I have to make a date to launch our Adventures in Sock Knitting (and cheese making) – that should result in some photographic hilarity, let me tell you.

Have a groovy Thursday.  Now that I’ve laid off the nasty for a day, maybe I can really work one up for tomorrow… 



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3 responses to “Yin/Yang

  1. Verra nice hat! and don’cha just love it when the handknits are received with such pleasure and appreciation…
    Cool on the knitters coming out of the woodwork… so that’s where we all come from… woodwork….
    (I know, that was shameful and ‘lameful’, I’ll watch that doesn’t happen again…)

  2. I think it’s very difficult to find a workplace that does not have a knitter or two these days, and I love that. Bring on the gourmet yarnz!

  3. YF Chris

    Yup — stylish and utilitarian too — what more could one ask?!? And on behalf of any of your other fumble-fingered friends — assuming there are others besides me: You keep going, girl! 🙂

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