She Does Go On…

So I’ll start, as it were, in medias res.  We’ve got a typical Sunday groove going on around here.  Daughter One (D1) has a flute lesson in a few minutes.  Daughter Two (D2) has a soccer practice.  Both had Sunday School this morning (yes, Jewish kids go to Sunday School – it’s sort of like what you remember if you grew up Lutheran or whatever, and sort of not).  I’m pondering food for the day and the week – pork in salsa verde for dinner (ahem, yes, we are Jewish but we do eat pork products); tortilla soup for later in the week.  When I get my mojo going I’ll start posting some recipes.  Other than that, I’ll be working on my latest knitting project (a sort-of Booga bag in hot pink), ripping through my latest Karen Robards chick suspense thriller, and blogging away.

 It combination snowed-sleeted-rained here last night, and made a humongous mess.  El Jefe has been heroic about shoveling the resulting sludge, which weighs approximately two metric tons per shovel-ful.  I went out and helped for about 20 minutes, and that was enough for me.  Now it’s pouring rain, which I’m sure will add quite festively to the already treacherous walks and roadways. 

 My Running Friend (RF) and I (I haven’t discussed name use with my frequently-mentioned friends yet, so bear with me) had thoughts of an early morning run – we kiboshed that yesterday as it started to snow like it meant business.  We had a great run Friday morning – four miles together, with some tacked on to get me to our meeting place and back – and now I’m starting to think outdoor runs may have to go on hold until the ice melts.  I’m quite depressed about this – not only is the outdoor exercise so much better than the gym for so many reasons, but I love the running conversations RF and I have.   So therapeutic. 

And that’s Sunday for you. 


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